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Sat Feb 6 at 04:30 pm EDT
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About This Class
The Shamanic control / embedding in space. Physics of Magic. Spiritual healing from Shamanic Science: - co presented with Sara - see:
Includes background in how shamans steer tornados (
Introduction to Sara's shamanic healing work - and background in S.American deep shaman healing tradition
Also introduction to Dan's work with Angelic science and communication:
How spells are created- even on a planet wide basis (Dee and alchemy and more)
- How each Hebrew/Sanskrit alphabet letter- toroid plasma shadowgram- is in fact a propulsion vector to steer your aura- plasma projection- IN ...See All
Shamanic Science: Embedding/Control of the Cube of Space ( - course outline PDF - with Dan Winter and Sara Torres
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Alchemy of Fusion from Shakespeare to the Psychology of Human ONENESS Experience - as Plasma Implosion
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PDF course visuals 32 pages for ET Origins DNA and Religion course with Dan Winter - Dec 27
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