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About This Class
1. How Fractal Field physics was discovered.
2. Why is there a frequency key signature that defines fractality in space in time.
3. How does that re-invent understanding the cause of gravity, the cause of negentropic and centripetal forces.
4. Review of the book(intro link): (Note: Dan's new book- core of this course- complete color pdf -will be sent to each registrant)
5. Review of the key physics article- fractal field- and the cause of gravity:
6. Review of the key wave mechanics- wave equations:
7. Physical implications- of ...See All
Phase Conjugation Science Powerpoint from Dan Winter
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Fractal Field Bioactive Field Technologies- Powerpoint- see
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View Content (top)-New Jan 16 - 2016- (2PM NY Time) Mark Rohrbaugh's Course- at Advanced Geometric Physics Solutions- Last day to Register at:â¦/Advanced-Geometric-Physics-Solutions-⦠--updated PDF For that Course- Download direct:â¦/GeometricPhysicsJan162016.pdf (added 4 new pages, 24-27: discussion about the fundamental forces of nature and how these 4 forces may be only 2 and finally, reduced to 1 force/field. )
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Stephen Hawkings Mistake:Intro to Fractal Field Physics - Dan Winter course Jan 3,2016
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