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Color graphics for with the Course- History and Breakthru in Heart Coherence Biofeedback-
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Announcing: Fractal U: THE Fractal Field University www.FractalU.com in association with LearnItLive.com/FractalU Sponsored by FractalField.com - Dan Winter - and Implosion Group - - THE place the learn the science and universe sweeping broad practical applications of the new fractal field sciences- like BioActiveField.com We have the world's most compelling teaching team and teaching environment- right here- to learn the real new physics AND new physics of consciousness. Quantum function is always probablistic -(waves always do averaging) but the pure wave mechanics/ equations for how golden ratio fractality/self-similarity among waves specifically optimizes constructive interference - are very precise www.fractalfield.com/mathematicsoffusion . This solves the problem of constructive interference and thus solves the problem of compression /decompression - which is THE transformative mechanism - in EVERY field of science - computers. urban design, wave mechanics.. and - getting memory thru death.... actual key to alchemy.. isotope transitions .. fusion... bliss.. compassion.. are ALL about non-destructive compression. Einstein once defined gravity as infinite non-destructive compression.. now we know this is exaclty what phase conjugation by golden ratio IS: the perfect wave fractal and thus the perfected fractal field.
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The PRACTICE of Bliss- Hygiene/ Yoga / Diet / Environment / Movement: This class is designed to update and assemble the best of all we have learned about practical lifestyle and hygiene discipline- to acheive real bliss experience. We started this dialog in our early book: Secret Science of Ecstacy and Immortality. www.goldenmean.info/consciouskids Includes : diet suggestions, yoga/movement discipline suggestions / environment - feng shui suggestions , and suggestions for psyche of discovering how to think only shareable thoughts. =- Course Dates : Dec. 20, 2015 - & Feb 21, 2016 - Sunday 2pm EST/NY Time (8pm Paris, 11 am California)
Heart Coherence, HRV and the Breath- Wave Mechanics and Biofeedback application 1. History of my discovery of heart coherence: www.fractalfield.com/coherence 2. The story of my Heart Tuner - most powerful heart coherence trainer- invention: www.goldenmean.info/hearttunerspecial 3. Our existing HRV/ Breath entrainment and empathy trainer- for iPhone- www.heartsring.com 4. Dramatic next version of our Heart biofeedback iPhone- will include real sacral cranial pulse monitoring / biofeedback- real bliss pump: intro at : http://fractalfield.com/heartfusion/hrvpro.html - Course Dates : Dec. 13, 2015 - & Feb 14, 2016 - Sunday 2pm EST/NY Time (8pm Paris, 11 am California)
The SCIENCE of Bliss / Ecstacy and Peak Experience / Peak Perception. 1. Biofeedback measurements: EEG / EKG - history of golden ratio in brainwaves measurements of peak perception ( www.goldenmean.info/clinicalintro 2. Breakthru physics of a deep phase conjugate model of the cause of consicousness and (peak) perception: www.fractalfield.com/conjugateperception 2. How and why bliss is a biologic necessity for immune health- ( www.goldenmean.info/consciouskids ) - and taking memory through death ( www.goldenmean.info/immortality ) 3. Bliss science applied to a deep understanding of the biomechanics of kundalini : www.goldenmean.info/kundalini - Course Dates : Dec. 6, 2015 - & Feb 7, 2016 - Sunday 2pm EST/NY Time (8pm Paris, 11 am California)