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Love Coach Scott Catamas and Emily Orum unite as a Dynamic Duo, providing a safe and powerful container of love for transformation, empowerment, and building harmony in relationships. They have the ability to identify and re-pattern hindering core behaviors and beliefs that hold people back from their true loving nature. They specialize in helping couples to remember the love and reignite the passion and intimacy in their relationships. Scott and Emily have a deep appreciation for the complexity of relationship and embrace all aspects of the human experience. They are a New Paradigm Duo unique in many ways. Their work ...See All

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When things are going great in relationship, we are happy. However, when one or both of us gets upset, things go south. How do we manage the inevitable emotional triggers, arguments, and conflicts that arise in relationship? We will show you how to manage your emotions and come back to center quickly. Learn how you can speak your truth from a place of powerful vulnerability to get you the love, understanding and connection you desire. You will learn: - About the fight, flight or freeze reaction of the reptile brain within us all; - How to identify when you are heading there or already in it; - How to shift from the reactive reptile brain to your responsive frontal lobe; - How to Soothe yourself and the other through the power of empathy and understanding; - How to grow closer through conflict through the power of courageous vulnerability.
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