Roy is a Conscious Channel, Intuitive, and Vibrational Catalyst. Using clairaudience and clairsentience, Roy channels Ascended Masters, Ancestors, Angels and Galactic Advisors that are here to assist in your journey and experience. By creating a pragmatic system to blend psychological, physiological and metaphysical approaches, Roy addresses his client's immediate needs on their journey through channeled instruction and teachings as a result, no program is taught the same which allows space for transformation to be instantaneous and relevant to each client in attendance.

Roy is a natural Vibrational Healer, he has trained to create a "Presence" that occurs ...See All


BA in Psychology, Reiki Master, Lightarian Reiki Facilitator,

Experience and Distinctions

Roy is a 10 year veteran of the United States Army.

Roy Burns has developed and facilitates signature programs that provide empowerment and actionable tools to change and enhance your life:

Your Body Life & Future a 3 Day experience to cultivate your connection and awareness of your body. Unlocking your life and future activates your connection to your body and life experience. This vibrational course is life changing.

Intercessions of Knowing-Channeling I & II: Channeling is a mastery we are all attuned with. Your authenticity is your ultimate ...See All

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This 8-week experiential training is designed to create and develop the most effective and efficient personal pathway to self-awareness and Spirit communication. You will receive basic protocols and learn how to embody the frequency you are incarnated to gift to the planet and others in our world. Channeling is a form of self-mastery and this practice will open the door to self-confidence, stronger intuition, joy and energetic ascension. This is a wonderful way to understand your natural abilities. Each week will focus on specific energies, aligned with your communication and connection to provide space to understand how you are working with Spirit. The practical application of the tools you will learn during the 8-week program will provide you the skills to wake up each day and live your life from a refreshing mindset, these tools will assist you in eliminating the baggage, history, and dogma that is keeping you limited, depressed and unfulfilled. Learning how to reconnect with your core self and energizing your life from that place will create tremendous results instantaneously.
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When you learn how you use your Psychic senses, you become more aligned with the frequency you express in your life. Your psychic senses are available for you to navigate your life. When you use those senses for others you master the art of communication with Spirit and Energy. In Following & Trusting Your Intuition, you learned how to trust your senses; in this 5-week journey, you will learn how to harness and stretch muscles. The stronger the muscle, the more clarity you will experience and accuracy will be obtained. The information flowing to you is always accurate; the receiver misinterprets the information. We will learn how to become a stronger receiver of information and clear our filters that misalign our energy with the information flowing through us. The clearer you are as the Channel, the clearer the message.
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The little voice or nudge we are constantly noticing that isn't strong enough to ignite confidence in your decision can plague your life. We are all intuitive and this we know, but we don't often follow our intuition. Why is that? Why do we go against our gut in the midst of chaos? This 6-week journey is designed to re-align you with your intuition instincts and provide you with the allowance needed to let the universe show up more into your life. We have had difficult experiences when it comes to communicating with Spirit, and for some, it was terrifying. You cannot turn this ability off; it is your birthright. What you can do is become confident in its purpose for you and wields it in support of your future and those around you. When you trust your intuition, you ultimately trust yourself.
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