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I am an intuitive and spiritual consultant and certified past life regression specialist. As a spiritual consultant I offer shamanic services, soul progression clearing, soul journeys/retrievals, past life and between life regression, spiritual awakening, Reiki and crystal energy healing, and hypnotherapy. As an intuitive consultant I offer mediumship, animal communication, space clearing, and intuitive personal and business consultations, from relationships to life purpose and business insight. An award-winning author, I teach workshops and give talks on intuitive development, finding your life's path, and the human-animal bond.


I hold several advanced degrees: MA, MBA, and CHt (certified hypnotherapist).

Experience and Distinctions

I combine over 25 years of creative business experience with practical, intuitive insight to help people get an edge in their personal and business lives. I have worked as an intuitive for 15 years because my life has been one of adversity and despair and triumph. I lost everything; my health, career, finances, self-confidence and self-respect but refused to give up.

As I struggled for healing, spiritual meaning, and intuitive insight, I learned that I didn't love myself enough (sadly, most of us don't). I learned that what matters is love; the tough, no-nonsense, exhausting love ...See All

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In this six-part webinar series candidates for certification in the Animal Chaplaincy Program at Cathedral of the Soul will gain the expertise and confidence to develop their animal communication and energy healing skills to support multi-species families throughout the animal life cycle. The series includes detailed webinars, required course work (developing a procedures manual and conducting animal communication and energy healing sessions), inspiring and educational stories, and an additional one-hour personal mentoring session. Webinar 1, The Dynamics of the Human-Animal Bond, includes a series overview and the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual ramifications of multi-species families. Concepts include mindset, soul contracts and soul purpose, spiritual teams, historical and modern perspectives on animals, and basic animal communication. Webinar 2, Intuition and Animal Communication, digs deeps into intuition. It offers basic exercises to prepare for intuitive work and includes how to ask an intuitive question, including connecting with animals, and how to manage intuitive insight daily, at home and at work. Webinar 3, Animal Communication, demonstrates how to connect with animals, from developing intuitive muscle to getting practical with telepathy. Webinar 4, Energy Boundaries and Energy Healing, explores what energy is, how it flows and gets blocked, how to develop strong energy boundaries, and how to employ basic energy healing techniques in an animal chaplaincy practice. Webinar 5, Creating and Living the Multi-Species Family, explores the mind, body, and spirit ramifications of the human-animal bond, from adoption throughout life. It digs deep into the practical lives of people and their animals, exploring animal behavior within the family and how to develop professional resources to augment an animal chaplaincy practice. Webinar 6, End of Life, Dying, the Afterlife, and Reincarnation, explores how to support the multi-species family through the end of a human or animalƒ��ƒ¯‚¿‚½ƒ�‚¯ƒ�‚¿ƒ�‚½ƒ��ƒ¯‚¿‚½ƒ��ƒ�‚¢ƒ��ƒ¯‚¿‚½ƒ��ƒ�‚¯ƒ��ƒ¯‚¿‚½ƒ��ƒ�‚¿ƒ��ƒ¯‚¿‚½ƒ��ƒ�‚½ƒ��ƒ¯‚¿‚½ƒ��ƒ�‚¯ƒ��ƒ¯‚¿‚½ƒ��ƒ�‚¿ƒ��ƒ¯‚¿‚½ƒ��ƒ�‚½s life to connection in the afterlife and possible reincarnation. After series completion, animal chaplaincy candidates must book a private one-on-one session with Robyn M Fritz to review their procedures manual and animal communication and energy healing sessions and to demonstrate their intuitive and healing skills.
Our demanding fast-paced lives can set us up for energetic imbalances that lead to physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges. We become healthy and balanced, and stay that way, and develop our natural intuitive and healing skills, by learning to develop and maintain strong intuitive energy boundaries. Our energy boundaries filter experiences, allowing us to explore our world and attract good experiences while also protecting us. In this webinar series you will learn what energy boundaries are, how they support us, how we get energetically unbalanced, and how to develop and maintain them to live your best life. It will include how to use your intuition to support your energy boundaries, practical tools and simple energy healing techniques to strengthen and maintain them. This series includes five webinars that include lecture, discussion, demonstration, exercises, individual and group practice. Plus each participant will get 1-on-1 mentoring with Robyn. We will also have a private Facebook page to share questions, tips, and exercises between webinars, which Robyn will moderate and participate in!
In this free meditation you will connect with your beloved dead, human or animal, to get closure and help resolve your grief. The meditation will first help you get grounded and balanced, then find your own unique healing space to spiritually renew yourself in whenever you want. You will receive a spiritual gift that you can use on your own to connect with your deceased beloveds. In the meditation to connect with your dead you will be able to say goodbye, get a private message from them, and be at peace. You will be able to later use these techniques to connect with your dead on your own.
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