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Location: Seattle, USA
  • Personal Development & Coaching
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Live In-Person Parent Class (14 hours)   ($1,500) [+] Show More Info

Your school/program can host a live in-person parenting class of 14 hours (broken up as you wish - ie over 3 days, 5 weeks, etc). Class is hands-on, experiential, and interactive. I am experienced leading this classes with refugee/immigrant families with limited English!

In-Person Workshop for Youth Program (2 hours)   ($250) [+] Show More Info

Fully customizable live in-person workshop for schools or youth programs that want to further develop their program culture/climate, youth engagement, and youth leadership as well as improve student outcomes. Workshop is hands-on, experiential and interactive.

Private Parent Coaching (1 hour by Phone)   ($30) [+] Show More Info

Private parent coaching using Positive Discipline's strengths-based, solutions-focused approach. Perfect for parents/caregivers that need/want a little one-on-one coaching.


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