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Transform Your Body and Life - 45 min/week, 1mo   ($297) [+] Show More Info

Think of me as your 'healthy friend' who is focused on your well-being, health and weight-loss (if that's your goal). Through affirmations, visualizations, some fun movement and adding proper nutrition into your diet, we de-stress, energize and feel empowered. I will never ask you to eliminate anything, as I believe we crave things until we don't anymore. We will naturally let go of unhealthy foods, habits and beliefs through my 3 HEMA steps to get there. Together we create an easy way for you to bring yourself into full balance and flourish. 3 month commitment suggested.

1hr Private Session    ($130) [+] Show More Info

A specialized coaching with Hemalayaa for your specific needs. A whole daily plan can be made with action steps for you to take for a week, specifically designed for you. All or any areas can be addressed: 1. Daily eating habits to lose weight, have more energy and look great. 2. Exercises to alleviate depression, find more joy and be the radiant person you know you are. 3. Tone your belly (and body) to look fab in a bikini. 4. Deal with a death of a loved one. 5. Pregnancy, or mothers that just gave birth, we bring balance through nutrition, visualizations and exercise.

1/2 hour Private Session with Hemalayaa   ($90) [+] Show More Info

Private time with Hemalayaa and the HEMA Wellness Coaching to guide you into specific steps for you to thrive, flourish and live your purpose with inspiration!

15 min   ($50) [+] Show More Info

Private Session with Hemalayaa on Skype or phone. Addressing a particular question you may have, perhaps for; better (stress-free) living, creating more joy (more belly laughs), or feeling energized and in love with life. Usually time enough for one question and guidance/coaching from Hemalayaa.


Request a custom program for your unique needs. The expert instructor will meet with you face-to-face online to train, motivate, and inspire.

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