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SYNERGY Keynotes and Workshops   (Get Quote) [+] Show More Info

Our programs range in length from 45 - 90 minutes keynotes to 3 hour workshops and full-day experiences, all of which can be delivered in person or in a live webinar format. Topics include The Sharp Solution: A brain-based approach for optimal performance; Transforming Stress: 5 steps to transform your relationship with stress; Recharge: Investment strategies for your most valuable resource; and our Build a Better Brain series which focuses on topics such as neuronutrition, neurohumor, and neuroleadership.

SYNERGY Coaching   (Get Quote) [+] Show More Info

Our coaching program utilizes a clinically validated brain assessment to provide a deeper level of self awareness regarding your own unique brain patterns. In our 30-day Basic Training program, you will received an assessment, 50 minute debrief with a SYNERGY Coach and an action plan that included 30-days of online training with MyBrainSolutions. For continued support we offer a 90-day Sustainability Training package that provides monthly coaching support, only training, and continued monitoring of progress to help provide recommended course corrections along the way.

SYNERGY Consulting   (Get Quote) [+] Show More Info

Corporate consulting is available for a variety of training, development, performance, engagement, and wellness initiatives. Our unique SHARP Solution process can be incorporated into existing programs, or we can work with you to deliver a customized process unique to your culture. Please contact us for more information, references, and product examples.

SYNERGY Recharge Retreats   (Get Quote) [+] Show More Info

Our longer retreat programs allow us to integrate our brain-based learning modalities with an experiential opportunity for deeper learning and habit formation. Ranging from 2 - 6 days in length, we can customize programs for your team or organization at one of our host facilities such as Canyon Ranch Spa and Resort (Tucson or Lenox) or Rancho Bernardo Inn (San Diego), or bring our team to your location. Contact us for pricing and a sample agenda.


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