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Location: Las Vegas, Nevada , USA
  • Spirituality
Expert Services Offered
Radiant Soul Balancing   ($135) [+] Show More Info

Through the breath we move through all systems of your body to bring Divine Energy into you. Then, there is a period of stillness and listening. The “bubbling ups” begin to come forward and we use these to formulate messages designed to renew, regenerate and rejuvenate. This experience is inside-out. From your inner landscape to your daily living, the energies and insights of your Radiant Soul reveal and support you through your personal journeys. Based on understand the energetic components of I AM Creating an awareness of how we language our evolutions

Orientation & Introduction   ($99) [+] Show More Info

A Consultation and Q&A session with Mercedes to discuss your personal situation, get acquainted with the Channel and collaborate new approaches to evolve a spiritual, love aligned lifestyle.

60 Minute Energy Renewal - Mentoring   ($189) [+] Show More Info

Realigning to peace can contribute to a feeling of overall well being, help with seeing a different point of view, bring clarity, move you forward and “tune up” your natural intuitive instinct. Retreats include a combination of breathing, meditation or prayer and energy alignment (Reiki or Theta Healing). I mentor every session, In Channel. My gift of intuition, inspiration and insight makes each experience unique.

Leadership Energetics   ($1,289) [+] Show More Info

10, one hour sessions that supports you as you lead. Personal. Fortifying. Empathic. Renewing. Probing. Supporting. These session organically evolve to lay a foundation of thinking and actions to nurture and align your Self as you lead others. Spiritual principles, intuitive channeling and universal law are the basis of these sessions. Energy modalities may include reiki and theta energy healing and transformation services.


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