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Location: Research Triangle, NC, USA
  • Spirituality
Expert Services Offered
Private Intuitive Counseling (Hour)   ($100) [+] Show More Info

A Private Intuitive Counseling Session, which can consist of Intuitive Counseling, Essence Reading, Spiritual Counseling, etc.

Private Dream Interpretation/Dreamwork (15 min.)   ($40) [+] Show More Info

Interpretation of Dreams and suggestions for Dreamwork. Because some dreams can be specific to where we are in our lives, additional information may be conveyed on personal process and recommendations for unfolding and working with insights from dreams.

Private Lessons on Intuitive Development, 1 hr   ($100) [+] Show More Info

One-hour lessons on Accessing Intuitive Information on Demand. Lessons will consist of lecture, Q & A, and exercises.

Individualized Guided Meditation, 1 Hour   ($100) [+] Show More Info

Session will consist of my guiding you through an individualized meditation. These Guided Meditations may be used for any of the following: Finding some of your own answers within and tapping into your intuitive knowing Meeting Guides and Spiritual Beings Deciding Upon Direction Working on Old Issues from the Past Envisioning Future

Past-Life Regression, 1 Hour   ($100) [+] Show More Info

You will be guided in a meditative state to go to the past and re-visit past/former lives. This can enable you to re-experience some lives and/or work on issues bleeding through and/or gain insights and enlarge your sense f self.

Lectures & Presentations, 1 Hour   ($1,200) [+] Show More Info

Lectures and Presentations to groups on any of the following topics: Claim the Full Potential of Your Intuition Personal Empowerment & Wholeness The Born Aware Phenomenon Using Dreams as a Tool for Unfolding and Wellness Heart-Centeredness Maximizing Creativity The Art of Listening

Corporate Consulting & Seminars, Per Day    ($1,500) [+] Show More Info

Consulting on Personal Development and Application of Intuition and Creativity to the Workplace Corporate Seminars on the following topics: Intuition in the Workplace Maximizing Creativity The Art of Listening

Private Intuitive Business Consulting, Per Hour   ($275) [+] Show More Info

Private Sessions offering Intuitive Guidance on Business Topics

Coaching on Business Intuition, Per Hour   ($175) [+] Show More Info

Private Coaching on Developing and Applying Intuition to Business and the Workplace


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