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Location: Tarpon Springs, USA
  • Health & Wellness
Expert Services Offered
Private Qigong Lesson - 30 mins   ($45) [+] Show More Info

Have you always wanted to learn a gentle movement to improve your health? Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice that is easy to learn yet has powerful potential to heal your body from the inside out. Qigong can be practiced sitting in a chair or standing up. Breathing long, slow breaths is also part of the practice. Qigong is very good for those suffering with anxiety, high blood pressure, pain and inflammation. I invite you to try a lesson today and learn all the benefits from this practice.

Private Yoga Lesson - 60 Mins   (Get Quote) [+] Show More Info

Are you new to yoga? Maybe you have gone to a yoga class but didn't know if you were doing the poses correctly? do you have a specific concern (such as lower back pain, shoulder, knee or hip issues)? In a private yoga lesson you will learn how to do the postures for your body structure. All private lessons are customized for the individual. All fitness levels can do yoga and I invite you to sign up for a private lesson to learn how to move properly to obtain the most benefit from the practice.


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