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Location: Raleigh, NC, USA
  • Health & Wellness
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Archangelic Energy Healing - Practitioner Class 1   ($100) [+] Show More Info

The Practitioner Class is a total 15hr course, broken up into 3 separate 5hr segments: Practitioner Class 1 (5hrs) $100.00 Practitioner Class 2 (5hrs) $100.00 Practitioner Class 3 (5hrs) $100.00 A personalized certificate of completion will be mailed to you after successfully completing all 3 classes and your total payment of $300.00 has been received.

Archangelic Energy Healing - Practitioner Class 2   ($100) [+] Show More Info

This course is a channeled energy healing modality that utilizes a spiral, radial energy that is invoked from the archangelic realm. It calls forth the divine light and presence of angels and beings of light who embody this energy (avatars, archetypes, angels and, especially, Archangels). In this modality, the practitioner places their hands above the body of the patient (at specific locations) and simply allows the angelic light energy to flow from their hands into, onto, and through the patient.

Archangelic Energy Healing - Practitioner Class 3   ($100) [+] Show More Info

You will learn many different techniques and ways to use Archangelic Energy Healing: * Table Protocol * Detailed study on angels, avatars, archetypes, ascended masters, saints, and guides * Group Healing * Working on pets * Anchoring the Archangelic Energy * A special meditation to balance the feminine and masculine energies * And your left arm will be entrained to the vibration of the Archangelic light energy.


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