Archangel Guided Reiki Therapist and Naturopath. I currently own a Natural Medicine Clinic in North Queensland, Australia. I perform Archangel Guided Reiki therapy and specialise in Iridology eye diagnosis and disease prevention. I am currently a student of Shamanic Practises and I attend regular shamanic meditation workshops and groups. I am also a proud mother of two wonderful (but not perfect) kids. I had my first child at 20 and my second at 22. Eleven years later I have experienced all the ups and downs of raising happy healthy thriving young children one of which was diagnosed Autistic at age ...See All


Advanced Diploma of Natural Medicine - Australian Institute of Applied Sciences
Level 4 Practitioner Level of Emmett Technique - Ross Emmett
Level 2 Reiki Therapist - Julie Heskins Reiki Master at Rainforest Reiki
Mother 11yrs plus ;)

Experience and Distinctions

My passion is to be of assistance to anyone who feels they need a bit of help, advice, understanding or encouragement particularly in the areas of health and health management, dietary guidance, coping with the demands of young children, stress related to parenting, stress related to raising a special needs child, childrens health vitality and happiness.
When our bodies are clean and healthy it is impossible for us to make bad, unhealthy or negative choices. I really love and believe in the influence physical health can have on our emotional and spiritual health and vice versa. I see ...See All

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