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Areas of Expertise
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(GMT+01:00) Europe/Berlin
Bruehl, Germany

A native of San Francisco California USA, I was influenced early on by the creative environment around the Bay Area. This fertile beginning enabled me to grow into what I am now. A spiritual empath, a medium, a teacher.
The vital life force of humans, animals, and all that is in the universe is made up of distinctive frequencies, colors, sounds and relationships. My stepping stone to learn about this was Chinese Medicine. But it has gone so much beyond that and now I'd like to help others discover their own path to their own enlightenment.

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e-mail: [email protected]
Date of Birth: 7/5/59- San Francisco California, USA.
Citizenship: Dual - USA and Ireland.
European Shiatsu Institute, Heidelberg, Germany.
Tao Shiatsu Society, Kyoto Japan, Tel Aviv Israel, and Heidelberg
Certified Hospice worker; Kirchliche Sozialstation Hockenheim e. V.
(Ecumenical registered association for social engagement),
Shiatsu Practitioner; Gesellschaft fUr Shiatsu in Deutschland,
GSD.(German Shiatsu Society- 2005)
Certified Shiatsu Practitioner; AOBTA -CP,Registered Instructor 2007
Certified Instructor; Earth Energy Qi Gong for Women, Wu Tang Physical
Culture Association, New York, NY 2008
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Experience and Distinctions

Since I began my studies over 20 years ago I have had the chance to work with children from war torn areas of the Balkans, with soldiers returning from duty in conflict areas, with mom's students, kids and animals all of whom as conscious beings are part of the net that connects all of us in heartfelt compassionate oneness.

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About Marianne Steele
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Marianne Steele
Recorded: Mar 06, 2016 at 01:30 pm EDT
Get your services out there. Let the whole world know how to reach you and recieve your special gift of healing . I want to share with you the methods I use to reach out and help people around the world with my energy healing business Pacific Spirit. Join me on this mission to make the world a better more compassionate empathetic place. You'll learn effective marketing techniques; Make a clear statement about WHY you do what you do, Identify your perfect customer, and establish yourself as; The Expert.
If you ask yourself what lead you to sign up for this this course I believe your spirit guides have lead you to this experience so you can enjoy the feeling of more happiness, joy, love and balance in your life. You'll learn about energy and your potential to program the flow by using your innate psychic abilities. Also about how to protect yourself and be in charge of the energy, Like psychic martial arts. You'll also learn some new ways to meditate and what tools you can use to access the source energy for answers to your questions about life and your purpose in this life. And creating your sacred space where you can go and rely on a pure connection to your higher self, to source energy, and to a place of compassion and love for yourself first. The ultimate goal is to live from this place of love and compassion everyday and make decisions and choices with confidence so you can live a more empowered life.
Marianne Steele
Recorded: Jan 31, 2016 at 11:45 am EDT
We all think of our brains as the CEO of our bodies. The perceived cut off point where information is processed is about at the neck. But all incoming information is dependent on emotional context. To ignore this is to cut off communication emotionally and logically. Qi gong is about becoming aware the brain heart connection and practicing the meditative movements of qi gong(energy work) which support this connection. You can rewire your brain by practicing qi gong and yoga. It is possible to create strong new mind body connection that can be scientifically measured. In short. Neurons that fire together, wire together. Stress can be contagious so even though you are doing all you can to be mindful of your own energy, sometimes you enter a meeting and the atmosphere is palpably tense, or you are in an important discussion with someone who has a very fixed mindset. This can affect your agility and resilience as a leader. Whether you are leading your children or your company. Qi gong is one tool that gives you instant payback when emotional, intuitive and compassionate awareness of your heart is balanced with logic and understanding. Join me for a session and learn how to balance the parallel flows of information like a pro.