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Ever since I was born I have had a very strong connection towards the world beyond imagination "the other side, the angels, the past loved ones" I have always been able to see what others could not. I have been able to find things others have feared to look for. Right away growing up was a bit more challenging - harder to read harder to write. I always knew I was different so from a very young age, I began to test and push myself to see how far and strong my connection truly is. I have found throughout my ...See All


I was born with a unique ability - the ability to communicate with other people's guardian angels. This comes easy to me and with that, I feel I should help the world to get closer to God, get on the right path, as well as answering questions to help others with getting them to where they want to be in their life. This is my life purpose. Let me help you find yours.

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I have always found that things were more of a challenge for me in school learning was harder I never seemed to fit in anywhere. But I always knew that fitting in was never something I was going to be I've learned to accept that. As I got older my connection grew stronger in ways words can not explain. Even though my connection was strong from the beginning every day it grows it's never-ending. Throughout my childhood, my gift was overwhelming at times. Throughout my teenage years, I honed in on communication really pinpointed what I wanted to know or ...See All

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Feeling like you're on an endless wheel of dating and not able to connect on a deeper level? Tired of suffering and sleepless nights thinking about another day, another moment in misery all by yourself? Feeling sad and lonely because you don't have someone there to comfort you? Do you feel like you're never going to connect with true love, because you have no luck and succeeding at having a successful relationship?
Michelle Adams
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I am here to help people grow, to regain their power, take back what belongs to them, and show them there is love that has been supporting them. I am here to teach others how your angels are real, and that God has never left your side. That your wishes, your prayers, and your thoughts have been heard, but if you are not listening or hearing them you may be too blocked, or maybe you have too much going on around you. I will teach you how to learn to connect, slow down, release, and receive.
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