Michael Paul Stephens is a British spiritual philosopher and corporate coach. Author of two powerful books "Provolution" and "Equanimous", he has spent the last ten years of his life creating simple spiritual techniques to bring transformation into the lives of thousands of people. Michael puts his philosophy to work in real-world enterprises specifically designed to transform the relationship between the economy and society in order to evoke powerful spiritual transformation across the world.

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Would you like to discard ego, fight stress and be free from emotional suffering? In this evolutionary three-part program Michael Paul Stephens follows up his "Why Are We Here" webinar with a three-part guide through the practical steps to shed ego, reduce emotional suffering and heal relational stress. Through simple awareness techniques, meditations and real-world tips, Michael offers profound insights into the nature of life, suffering and rebirth and provides compelling evidence to demonstrate how any person can attain spiritual freedom by developing their consciousness. Based upon his awesome books "Provolution" and "Equanimous", "How to Attain Spiritual Freedom" offers you a powerful insight into life, the universe and everything while providing the skills you need to be happy and content.
Michael Paul Stephens
Recorded: May 02, 2012 at 09:00 pm EDT
Do you want to know who you are? Do you want to understand how the universe really works? Would you like to explore the way in which you create your own birth on Earth? In this one-hour introduction to the work of Michael Paul Stephens and his stunning channeled eBook, "Equanimous" you will discover a powerful new paradigm through which to view your place in the universe. "Equanimous: An Introduction" is not a lecture. It is experiential learning. Please follow the program carefully, answer the questions and practice what you are asked to get the full experience and transformative effect of this remarkable introduction to your new reality.
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