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Kimber is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Certified Life Coach, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, and Certified Qi Gong Instructor living with her family in Dallastown, PA. Time with Kimber will help you to connect with the love and joy that is always flowing into your life. Inspired by her own transformation through a tumultuous journey, she has discovered the keys to living a loving and successful life filled with joy and passion and wants you to feel the same! It is her purpose in this life to serve as a reflection of the Love that IS, allowing others to discover it ...See All


AAS Baltimore International College
AAS Transpersonal Psychology SWIHA
Holistic Wellness Diploma SWIHA
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Certified Life Coach SWIHA
Certified Holistic Nutritionist ACHS
Reiki Master

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Discover the keys to feeling seen and heard! The 7 powerful steps to communication will help you to build confidence in yourself, to strengthen all of your relationships, and to feel like your message is more received! You will feel seen and heard! You will learn how to effectively express your needs, how to deliver the message you want to share in a way that can be received, and how to integrate the other person's perspective as well. We will take an in-depth look at all 7 of these steps and how they apply in your life.
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Have you ever noticed that we often repeat patterns of similar emotions or experiences time and time again in our lives? Sometimes we think we've escaped it on one front (like in our romantic relationships) only to find ourselves in it again on another unexpected front (like in business or even with our kids). Truth: Our soul will continue to recreate these experiences until we achieve the intended growth through it. Not that once that growth is realized these situations will never again arise, but when they do, they will no longer have the same negative affect on us! By looking at prominent relationships (of any type) we will explore the pattern that is repeating in our life and seek to integrate the lesson available. I will provide a simple procedure with specific questions to help you do this. We will then develop some fun, silly rituals to help us integrate any new awareness gained (because lets face it, no one wants to stress over growth) and celebrate the freedom to create a new experience! You are free to share or not share as much of your process as you'd like in this supportive environment.
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Let's play around with some Universal Law! No, seriously, this class is going to be fun and I am super excited! I am going to give you some concrete examples of how I learned to recognize and accept deeper truths in what seemed like the mundane experience of everyday life. Then we will explore where some of them might be showing up in yours! I will provide some thought-provoking questions to help you recognize how these truths can be applied on a deeper level. Our lives are truthfully the greatest classroom! Let me help you embrace your experience and use it to get in touch with your deeper truth!
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