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Founder of:

Living Lessons Library (energy healing consultations)

Sourced Solutions (infoceuticals)

Co-creation Catalysts (courses and workshops on the science of conscous co-creation

Meeting the Beloved: coachiing and retreats on the spiritual journey of sacred union relationships and our transformative mission and contribution to new earth

Soulpreneurs Mastermind (business coaching for visionaries and healers)


Philadelphia High School for Girls
Philadelphia College of Art
Temple University

Experience and Distinctions

Twenty-five years of experience on the cutting edge of spiritual transformation, energy healing, and quantum relationships.

Three years of hands-on healing energy alongside physicians and psychotherapists in Moscow, Russia; two international conferences and internships for Russian and American healers.

Public speaking presentions with Whole Life Expo

Conference presenter with Dr. Dean Ornish, Deepak Chopra, Norman Scheely and the personal physician of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama

International retreats, workshops and presentations: Russia, Greece, United Kingdom

Two-year energy healing training program for holistic practitioners

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Friday Jul 8, 2016
Expert Services Offered
1 hour of Wisdom Body Coaching   ($90) [+] Show More Info

I work with a talented group of women -- we are a team. We have a portfolio of services we provide: Self-empowerment coaching Sound Healing Shamanic Journeying Wisdom Body personal development courses Source Solutions counseling International Retreats and workshops Business coaching for visionaries, holistic practitioners, and healers

1 Hour Self-Care Energy Empowerment    (Get Quote) [+] Show More Info

Integrate emotional and energetic awareness into your self-care empowerment plan. Learn simple, do-it-yourself techniques.

Co-creation Catalysts Online Course   ($397) [+] Show More Info

Four online pre-recorded weekly sessions -- or learn at your own pace. Includes a course aggregate of Q & A sessions plus 1 30 minute Q & A session with a live co-creation catalysts at the conclusion of the course. Contact us for more details if you would like to present this course on the science of co-creation to your church, business or social group.

3 month Quantum Healing pkg   ($1,500) [+] Show More Info

Integrate emotional and energetic awareness into your self-care and empowerment plan. Learn simple, do-it-yourself techniques. Deep ongoing support for issues such as sexual trauma, addiction, spiritual awakening crises, managing 'ascension' symptoms, inner child healing, counseling for those in twin flame or sacred union experiences.

Learning Intrest
About Anaiis Salles
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What if your struggle to rise above your emotional triggers, your negative self-talk, the habitual fear patterns that stop you from living your best life were all anchored in your nervous system, your physiology, and your energy field by deliberate design? What if ll the deep personal work you have been doing based on only feeling release and relief AFTER you have learned your soul lesson is blocked by the belief that you have more to do before you can just be happy and complete in your I-Am-ness? What if you have begun to realize that in our existing system of separation there is no end to the healing, or clearing, or looping through patterns that derail your life, robbing you of happiness, contentment, and peace, because we are all looping in an endless cycle of we are broken, we are not enough, we can never be whole? This course uproot you and replant you in your spiritual sovereignty knowing there is a way out of the maze of disempowerment, disappointment, and distraction to being your fully whole, consciously co-creative Being.
You can never be too healthy, too happy, or too rich. Right? We laugh at this expression, but what is the little grain of truth in this tropism that resonates? Could it possibly be that we have no clue how to get from where we are now to a consistent experience of being healthy, happy, and living abundantly? Wouldn€™t most of us delight in finding a #pathtopurpose that leads to consistent health, happiness and abundance? Learn how to incorporate excellent mind/spirit self-care to stay grounded, clear, and happy in your life and business one day at a time! Find out how to save money on resources you need to be healthy so you have more to spend living healthy happy, and abundant lives. Here is the key: Stepping up to simple-self care in any area of life leads us, choice by choice, to ...maybe...this...we know we can never be too loved, too loving, too healthy, or too happy. Here is the how: Intention, choice, implementation, and evaluating what changes. Step up to simple self-care each week with us here on The Wellness Universe beginning September 22, 2016 from 7:00 - 7:30 pm. Each week on Thursday nights, we€™ll invest a little time together to support taking the best small actions that co-create your unique wellness universe -- in body, mind and spirit Cost: $20 for 4 Thursdays monthly cycle Each week we€™ll invest a little time together to support taking the best small actions that co-create your unique wellness universe -- in body, mind and spirit. Join Anaiis Salles, International Energy Healer, life coach, spiritual mentor, and Author of the forthcoming book Living Lessons Library:Confessions of a Serial Manifestor and her guest host, Anastacia Townsend. We€™ll share our toolbox of simple self-care techniques/tips. Learn to balance your energy field, to pre-tox and detox your body, to use nature€™s tried and true remedies for common ailments, and to set yourself up for a holiday season minus the gift of regret!
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