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JOYce McLean's mission is to expedite individuals experiencing life in the most enhanced way possible. She facilitates peace and presents empowerment options throughout the world. She experiences a unique connection to Source and is the first Spiritual Collaboration Facilitator on Earth. All of her classes offer you the opportunity to resolve the root causes of what inhibits your optimal flow & ease.

JOYce is a collaboration expert who models living a life aligned to Source. She does this by communicating with her Higher Self using many approaches. She has gifted herself with choices that have expedited the ...See All

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Joyce McLean
Recorded: Jun 25, 2016 at 12:00 pm EDT
Discover your perfect and practical tool to know how to: ~ communicate with your Higher Self ~ get an instant "Yes" and "No" ~ make life-enhancing decisions with ease ~ take next steps with confidence ~ manifest better results and ~ feel more peaceful
Joyce McLean
Recorded: Apr 16, 2016 at 03:30 pm EDT
As a Spiritual Collaboration Facilitator, JOYce McLean will assist you to activate the Source intended God codes to help you fulfill your purpose, provide you with greater access to resources and accelerate your ability to transform. This is an opportunity to enhance your relationship with Source, have clear communication with Source and receive all the Source intended support physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Thank you for join me in become proficient at facilitating an on-line class. Your participation, insights, guidance and sense of fun are appreciated. Purpose is to discover - challenges - preferred page view - what works well - useful tools: polls, video, open mic Benefits - opportunity to support a friend - play with a new resource - have fun
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