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Janet Roper is a renown animal communicator, educator, animal advocate, and author. Her focus within animal communication is strengthening and nurturing the animal-human bond by working from the stance of relationship with animals instead of power over animals. She has created and produced numerous podcasts, has appeared on a variety of radio shows and has been featured in a number of news articles. In 2015 Janet began her personal walk on the Shamanic path. Based in Missoula, Montana, Janet is cheerfully owned and managed by cat Raven and dog Max.


Soul Intent Arts
Two Year Shamanic Intensive Study
Dates attended: 2016-2018

The Spirited Path is a two-year+ Intensive in modern shamanism. Initiates completing this Intensive demonstrate:

The willingness to stand between through all life dynammics and experiences
A commitment to support the interconnectedness and interdependency of All Things
An awareness of and articulate response to cultural appropriation
High ethical standards in providing compassionate care of self and others
A significant capacity to facilitate wellbeing for self and others
Servitude to community

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Experience and Distinctions

JANET ROPER: Animal Communicator and Educator, Relationship Builder, Author, Animal Advocate, 2nd Degree Reiki, Blogger, Speaker, Teleconference Moderator, Teacher, Mentor

A knowledgeable and deeply committed entrepreneur used to working with diverse individuals and groups of all ages. Experienced writer able to reach a wide variety of audiences. Skilled public speaker. Deeply committed to supporting the growth of relationship between animals and humans as well as educating people.

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If you believe it is possible to communicate with animals and are already communicating with them, chances are you are a highly sensitive person who regularly uses your intuition either consciously or unconsciously. When you are using your intuition, you are working from your right brain. If you tend to operate more from your left brain (i.e. logical thinking, plays well with numbers etc.), don�t assume you are not intuitive or that the intuitive process is not available to you. We are all intuitive and just like a muscle, your intuition can be developed with practice. Join me in this workshop on intuition which starts out informative and moves towards practical experiences in exercises geared towards helping you access your intuition. We will cover: *Basics of intuition *How and why it works *Ways to consciously develop it *How to use it when communicating with animals This workshop is a highly interactive experience, a dynamic mixture of lecture, Q&A, participant chat, and making connections with like-minded folks throughout the call. There will be time on the call to practice using your intuition and getting feedback. You will leave the class with clear steps on how to use your intuition when communicating with animals, resulting in you feeling way more comfortable and certain when communicating with animals!
I bet something like this has happened to you - you have just finished feeding your cat, left the kitchen and have settled down for a relaxing evening when your cat starts howling like a banshee. What is up with that? Can animal communication help with discovering what is going on with your cat? Yes, it can indeed. Join me in this workshop which is specific to the idiosyncrasies of cats and how you can use animal communication to discover what is going on, bringing peace to the house. We will cover: *Why communicating with a cat is different from communicating with other animals *Some common reasons that might be contributors to your cat's behavior *How to effectively connect intuitively with your cat This class is a highly interactive experience, a dynamic mixture of lecture, Q&A, participant chat, and making connections with like-minded folks throughout the call. There will be time on the call to practice connecting with your cat. You will leave the class with clear steps on how to better hear your cat, thereby better able to hear your cat!
Many people were not able to attend last week's workshop on self care when communicating with animals and have asked that I repeat it. Here is the encore performance. If you grew up in a household - as so many of us did - where hard work, sacrifice and doing for others was not only expected but highly praised, you probably find yourself thinking you must do the same thing when you are connecting with the animals. However, when that adage is taken too far, it becomes counterproductive and even detrimental. We can find ourselves physically and mentally fatigued, leading to emotions such as overwhelm and anger. This is especially true when using our intuition with the animals. Join me in this online workshop where I'll be talking about the importance of setting healthy boundaries and self care when connecting with the animals. I will also share some self care practices that have worked well for me throughout the years.
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