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I use Spiritual Astrology, and other esoteric knowledge such as esoteric palmistry, to gain insight at a deep level of a person's psychological make-up and life situation. This information allows me to better understand where people are coming from and what issues they are most likely concerned bout. It also gives me a better understanding of how to resolve any blocks or difficulties the person may be experiencing in their life. Combining this with the wisdom of Eastern mystical traditions provides a powerful tool for facilitating a person's spiritual growth towards a more peaceful and joyous way of life. The long-term solution to stress, worry, depression, relationship and family issues, self-doubt, loneliness, etc lies within us and does not depend on external circumstances. From a higher perspective the astrological chart, as well as other body signs, gives us information about the journey of the soul reaching back to previous lives. It gives information about one's life purpose and lessons that one has chosen to experience in this lifetime. If you resonate with this approach you can book a reading with me from anywhere in the world, see my website for all the details. Namaste