Denise Povernick is a well-known, highly sought after Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Reiki Master, Certified Master Trainer and Certified Sports Nutritionist. Denise holds a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice from Temple University & graduated Magna Cum laude with Distinction in her major. Denise spent many years as an Investigator and Interrogator that and led her to become an expert in understanding the Sub-Conscious Mind. Denise connected to her Life Purpose by following her passion: to help others make better choices in all areas of their lives MIND BODY SPIRIT. This attitude helped Denise shed 80+ pounds in 2009.

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BA Criminal Justice, Temple University

Experience and Distinctions

Spiritual Empowerment Coach
Expert Subconscious Mind
Usui Reiki Master
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Nutritionist
Lifelong Intuitive
Lifelong Angel Communicator

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Dream Interpretation   ($75) [+] Show More Info

Dreams give us total access to the subconscious mind. Dreams give us Dreams have 3 level of interpretation: 1. Literal 2. Societal (websites & books interpret) or the most important 3. Personal Interpretation - the most important. You need to look within. You will begin to understand yourself better and how much wisdom you have within. You are theDream Interpretation is a powerful skill. My Dream Interpretations of your dreams are direct and compassionate and. You will be blown away what we can pull out of your dreams. I help you move forward fearlessly in your life.

Answers with Infinity (60 Minutes)   ($100) [+] Show More Info

Infinity is the name given to the Infinite Intelligence channeled through me similar to that of Abraham Hicks. All questions will be answered. You will walk away from the session with deep felt clarity and direction. To see the depth of answers available, check out the message thread on www.thewellnessuniverse.com https://www.thewellnessuniverse.com/hub/the-chat-room/forum/topic/divine-infinite-intelligence-answers-with-infinity-with-denise-povernick-2/

Angel Reading 60 Minutes   ($100) [+] Show More Info

I provide genuine intuitive Divine Conversations with your Guardian Angels. I teach others how to connect and speak to their Angels and learn their Angels names and signs. I help you learn your Angels names and how they communicate with you directly. The readings are in depth, healing, compassionate and thought provoking. You will be amazed at what comes through for you.

60 Minute Empowerment Session   ($125) [+] Show More Info

Empowerment Coaching is focused on moving you forward fearlessly. We start where you are right now and moving toward. I am here to help you realize you have everything you need within you now. This session is designed to give you the direction and clarity you need We will identify your truth & know your self along with your own unique passions, abilities, and sense of purpose. Then we will work together to align these personal assets in a way that empowers you to unlock your hidden potential and create a more rewarding & meaningful life.

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You're invited to learn more about the January 2018 Online Empowerment Summit to decide if you would like to participate as a Presenter. The mission statement, purpose and initial format will be explained. Also we will mastermind a powerful name for the summit and other important roles and aspects will be discussed. Here is the info page so far: https://innerstrength-university.lpages.co/invite-to-join-2018-empower-summit/ Thank you for your interest. One Love, Denise
In this Free Intro webinar I will explain how I can help you create an online course with an online community with paid membership an signature service. We will discuss how: · Create a passive income by profitably sharing your expertise with your marketplace · Scale & automate your business by turning your knowledge and services into profitable learning products · Get your leads and prospects to pay you in a way that makes them appreciate you · Get paid to demonstrate your capability, knowledge and expertise to your audience · Design and construct a curriculum and course plan to show your expertise at it's best · Grow your business/hobby and increase sales through your wider products and services · Create a profitable learning product or program such as an online course, webinar, workshop or training course · Create training that is engaging, impactful and transformational so that your audience come back for more · Ensure a positive learning experience whilst also increasing your exposure, leads, sales and authority positioning · You will complete your training course step by step as you progress through this course · Use your completed learning product or program as an income stream in it's own right, or as a lead capturing magnet for your primary business activities
Building on the foundation from the Intro to the 7 Laws of the Universe, we will begin with Master Class 1 of 8: The Law of the All. This series is all about the journey to self discovery. It is time to go deep within your Inner-Verse. It is very important to not only understand these Universal Laws through the mind, but become one with them through Spirit. If you are only approaching the Laws of the Universe through the mental logical constructs of the mind, your ability to manifest will be hit or miss. When the mind is the launchpad of creation, the possibilities of the outcome will be bound by logic diminishing your Infinity. The heart is the Infinite creator. You cannot serve 2 masters. Up until Now, you have serve the Master Mind it's time to shift to the Master Heart. Your life will never be the same. In this first Master Class, we will take you out of your mind and present these laws through the new construct of the heart. Only through the heart, can you become one with the universal laws. The mind is the originator of separation, the hearts reunites and unifies and dissolves the illusions. If you feel stuck, like there's a piece missing or you just can't figure it out, this series is for you. You have been asking for guidance from Spirit, here it is! Don't think it over, don't hesitate, that is your Ego keeping you in your mind because it knows the heart activation will lessen it's grip on you. Register NOW!
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