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Teach the world online at Learn It Live

Gather students from around the world. Teach them face-to-face. Show live video. Provide learning materials. Lead class discussions. Record your sessions so others can view them later. Get compensated for you efforts.
It's all possible, all online.

Ready to Teach It Live?

Why instruct at Learn It Live?

Learn It Live provides the platform, tools, and support that make online learning as flexible and impactful as in-person learning. For instructors and organizations, we even make it profitable, generating new revenue and extending their reach to students that they would never reach otherwise.

The Benefits

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    Your own online academy to teach the world

    A Learn It Live academy allows you to sell your online instruction to the world. It's the easiest way to connect to individuals and organizations that demand your expertise.

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    No sign-up or monthly fees to use Learn It Live

    The Learn It Live system is completely free to use. We only earn revenue when you sell your classes.
    To find out about current commission structure send a note to [email protected].

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    Get compensated for your efforts

    Charge for your classes. Learn It Live collects payment and manages all the accounting for you. We transfer payment once a month to an account of your choosing.

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    Teach learners online, face-to-face. Show live video. Interact.

    Learn It Live integrates a top-of-the-line virtual classroom so your sessions are engaging and interactive. It's like being in the same room as your global audience.

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    Record and archive all your sessions

    All your sessions are recorded and archived for revisiting or sale. After the live session is over, the recording remains available for purchase and review.

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    List your instruction services for prospective customers

    You can list all your instruction services directly on your academy page. This means that prospective customers can see what you offer, and request instruction directly from you.

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    Become an effective online instructor

    Online instruction can be just as interactive and engaging as any in-person class. Learn It Live provides training and tips on how to become an effective online instructor.

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    Track learner engagement with class reports

    All your classes have an accompanying report that shows who registered, attendance data, recording views, and a whole host of other metrics you can use to manage your academy.

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    Provide CEUs and certifications with ease

    Use online delivery to reach a larger audience demanding continuing professional education. Learn It Live provides the tools to manage the certification process.

How are experts using Learn It Live?

Andrea Beaman

Andrea Beaman is a Natural Foods Chef, author, and television host dedicated to nutrition, alternative healing and green, sustainable living.

At Learn It Live, she's held a series of classes on nutrition, cooking, and healthy eating. Her classes average around $40 / hour for each student, and have covered topics as diverse as Achieving Your Ideal Weight, Eliminating Seasonal Allergies, Ancient Wisdom & Healing with the Sages, Enhancing Your Energy Naturally, and more!

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Brendan Brazier is a former professional Ironman triathlete, a two-time Canadian 50km Ultra Marathon Champion, and the creator of the award-winning line of Whole Foods nutritional products called VEGA.

At Learn It Live, Brendan has held a series of live Webinars on plant-based nutrition and athletic performance. His class - Plant-Based Performance Nutrition: How to unlock your mental and physical potential through food - has attracted more than 1,500 participants, making it one of the largest online classes ever!

Dr. Mike Dow at Learn It Live

Dr. Mike Dow is a top nutrition and healthy eating expert and the co-host of VH1's Couples Therapy, host of TLC's My 600 Pound Life Special, and host of TLC's Freaky Eaters.

He has held a series of online classes at Learn It Live, including a single class called Harnessing the Power of Food Neurochemistry to Improve Your Mood & Change Your Life and a more in-depth four-week series called Food Neurochemistry 28 Day Action Plan.

Stephanie Hamel at Learn It Live

Stephanie Hamel is a former Canadian boxing champion and a fitness guru.

At Learn It Live, she leads her active cross-training class - Bodyfit - all LIVE from her computer. Bodyfit classes blend a mix of cardio-intensive movements with body-weight strength exercises. Learners follow Stephanie's movements and instructions over live audio and video from their computers. With online Bodyfit, there's never an excuse not to exercise! Classes generally run $5 per person for an hour.

Dr. Mike Dow at Learn It Live

John Perkins is a New York Times bestselling author, including Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, The Secret History of the American Empire, and Hoodwinked.

At Learn It Live, he has led a series of classes on how to alter your energy patterns to create personal and global transformations. His very first class Shapeshifting into Health For You and the Planet drew almost 300 people to the live session.

Hemalayaa Behl at Learn It Live

An instructor in yoga and dance, Hemalayaa Behl is the creator and facilitator of the HEMA Wellness Program, a transformational life enhancement certification program.

Her Learn It Live classes allow people to take LIVE yoga from their computer screens and then watch the recording after. Hemalayaa leads the class over live video and audio, and learners follow along and perform the movements from home. See a recorded demo of an online yoga class.

Dr. Heidi Hanna at Learn It Live

As a performance coach and keynote speaker, Dr. Heidi Hanna has trained thousands of individuals on practical ways to incorporate nutrition, exercise, and positive psychology strategies to improve their health, productivity, and performance.

Her Learn It Live classes cover an array of topics, including Meditation Mixers, Strategies to Boost Brainpower, and more! Generally lasting 1 hour, her classes are designed to be easily incorporated into the work day.

SER WOCN at Learn It Live

The Southeast Region WOCN is the leading organization for WOCN nurses in the Southeast.

The organization holds its certification review courses online at Learn It Live. This allows all the members of the dispersed group to attain the knowledge needed to stay up-to-date in their nursing practices and pass review exams. It's the easiest and most-effective way to reach all members of the organization.

What is my online Academy?

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Your Learn It Live Academy gives you your very own online academy to offer and get paid for your instruction. Whether you instruct individuals or groups, you now have a central place on the Web to host all your instruction services and classes. It's the easiest way to connect with an increasingly global audience that is online!

The core of your academy will be your services and classes. You'll start by adding some services, showing the world what you offer, and allowing customers to request these services directly form you. When you're ready to hold a class or a course, you'll then add some classes and publish them to the marketplace for customers to purchase.

Instructing the world has never been easier than with a Learn It Live Academy.

How do I market and design my classes?

Once you've set up your academy, it's time to create your classes. An important part of your success will involve how you market and design compelling classes. We've compiled some resources to help you along the way! Contact the Learn It Live Team with any questions.

Marketing and Content Design Resources:

Marketing Tips

Your Learn It Live Academy gives you your own online academy to create, publish, sell, and conduct interactive, online sessions. Like any online business or platform, there's lots you can be doing to promote yourself and your content. We've created a "marketing tips" document that will help you along the way. Download it here.

Content & Course Design Packet

What types of classes should you create at Learn It Live? How long should they be? Designing a Learn It Live Class is easy and lots of fun. We've created a packet with recommendations to guide you through the process. Download it here.

Banners and Marketing Materials

Want to use banners and images to advertise your academy and classes at other Websites? Maybe you have a blog and you want to link your readers to classes? Do you want printed flyers and materials to distribute? You've come to the right spot! Download banners and marketing materials.

Commission Structure

There is no set-up or monthly fees to use Learn It Live. We are a network of expert instructors that wish to reach the world with their expertise and monetize their services online. We have split up the commission to account for where the students are arriving from. We want a "you win, we win" model and certainly don't want to penalize you for bringing your own clients and fans to the site. To find out about current commission structure send a note to [email protected].

What are happy students saying?

Student Testimonial Video
  • Carla - Learn It Live Testimonial

    Carla from Oklahoma

    (student in health and wellness):

    "I am so in love with Learn It Live! I can't wait to see what all is to come. I am a Wellness Coach in Oklahoma City. I work with the seriously mentally ill. There are some of these that would be fantastic to share with my groups, not to mention, several I would like to view again."
  • Juliet - Learn It Live Testimonial

    Juliet from Italy

    (student in health and yoga):

    "Learn It Live is wonderful - thank you so much. I am a complete beginner in yoga and I am really inspired! Amazing to be able to do this from my lounge in Italy!"
  • Nick - Learn It Live Testimonial

    Nick from New York

    (student in weight management):

    "Great information presented in an easy-to-remember format... I love it! I've learned so many great reminders and great new information."
  • Rachel - Learn It Live testimonial

    Rachel from Georgia

    (student in fitness):

    "After a year of not being able to exercise, I am now back and one of the first classes I have taken is an online cross-training class at Learn It Live. It was a great workout! The instructor was very clear and visually made sure we saw the movements from different angles. She also took the time to check on the participants and respond to each of us as we asked questions and made comments. As a result, I was able to keep up with the class. I am looking forward to taking new classes and reviewing the videos of previous classes. I love Learn It Live!"
  • Vilma - Learn It Live testimonial

    Vilma from Floria

    (student in nursing):

    "I recently signed up for a nursing review course through Learn It Live. Initially I had some confusion about how online learning worked. I emailed Learn It Live and immediately received an email from the support staff. I was given clear instructions and directions on how everything worked, and some tips on how to get the most from online learning. I later contacted support staff with some questions on accessing learning content related to my class. I once again immediately received an email with all the answers and more! I want to commend Learn It Live support staff for their professionalism, promptness and diligence with working with me. Thank you for your hard work!"