Learn It Live Benefits Include:

We Bring Your Event to a Worldwide Audience

Want to reach thousands? Learn It Live brings your event online and allows the entire world to attend. Itís the easiest way to expand your audience and meet your full event potential.
  • Recreate a face-to-face event experience online At Learn It Live, anyone can register, pay, and attend your event from a central Web location. When itís time for your event to start, a simple click launches the virtual interface.
  • Increase event revenue by charging for online attendance Charge for your online events. Learn It Live collects payment and manages all the accounting for you.
  • Broadcast high-quality video & crystal-clear audio Streaming live video puts the audience right in front of the speaker, and lets them interact with all panelists and each other in real time, without leaving the experience.
  • Record and archive all your sessions All your event sessions are recorded and archived for revisiting or sale. After the live sessions are over, the recordings remain available.
  • Online participants interact and ask questions Attendees can swap cards and bump elbows with robust networking features, and event sponsors are ever-present and available for online engagement.
  • Manage your own events at Learn It Live or let our production team do it Our dedicated event team are experts in producing online events. You can put your own events on at Learn It Live or let us take care of all the online logistics.
Learn It Live Customers Include: Hands On Impact HUB Tag Emory