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Empathy and trust are a basic foundation for effective understanding, communication and relationships. For healthcare, not only do health care professionals use empathy to initiate a relationship, they must complete the emotion with an action to create acts of compassion, relieve suffering, bridge a difficult moment – in essence - create a compassionate connection.
Whether for managing patient loyalty, handling complaints, diffusing conflict, or participating in the healing process, empathy and subsequent actions/responses create compassionate moments as part of the total patient experience.
Participants of a 3Cs of Compassionate Interactions will learn to:

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Lisa Boesen is a Colorado-based speaker, author, facilitator, and Certified Master Coach. Lisa's passion in life is sharing her dominant gifts, energy, insight and organization, or as colleagues and clients describe, she can color-code chaos. As a wife, stepmom and small business owner, the title fit all those tasks and small projects she performs to manage the household, save money, clean, improve efficiencies, reduce waste, navigate the healthcare system, garden, maintain a social calendar to improve longevity, nurture friends and family relationships while maintaining a busy work schedule. Sound familiar? On the corporate side, Lisa has over 35 years in the healthcare industry including clinical management, human resources and performance improvement. She designs and implements workforce development, team and leadership development training and integrates quality and process improvement into all aspects of her coaching and consulting practice. Lisa enjoys working with clients who want to improve personal management skills, navigate change, and build resiliency during the cycles of career and life events. Lisa and has held leadership positions in multiple healthcare and human resources professional organizations. She holds a Masters in Organizational Management, is a Certified Master Coach, Certified Human Resources Professional, certified MBTI practitioner, certified facilitator and a Certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist. She has been featured in Advance Magazine, Medical Office Today, Mainstreet, The Ladders, and ICU Medicine. Education Masters of Arts in Organizational Management Bachelors in English Registered Respiratory Therapist Coaching Services: Life Events, Lifestyle management, Career, Leading Others Workshops and Seminars Customer Service Team Emotional Intelligence Leadership Development Personal Performance Improvement Other: Resume Writing and interview Skills
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Introduction to the 3Cs of Compassionate Interactions
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