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Empathy and trust are a basic foundation for effective understanding, communication and relationships. For healthcare, not only do health care professionals use empathy to initiate a relationship, they must complete the emotion with an action to create acts of compassion, relieve suffering, bridge a difficult moment – in essence - create a compassionate connection.
Whether for managing patient loyalty, handling complaints, diffusing conflict, or participating in the healing process, empathy and subsequent actions/responses create compassionate moments as part of the total patient experience.
Participants of a 3Cs of Compassionate Interactions will learn to:

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Lisa is a Fort Collins, Colorado-based speaker, writer, and beekeeper. She writes about the usual and ordinary: food, cooking, the cycles of life, nature, natural moments, and the importance of Being in Awe. She also shares thoughts about the extra-ordinary life and moments of celebration. The wonderful micro - moments of joy, the first bit of a beautiful and luscious peach, the first snowfall, and when the Yellow Western swallowtail greets Colorado in the morning among the phlox. Lisa has been writing since the age of 12 and studying the art of cooking for over 30 years. She attended pasta making classes in Italy, completed the intensive Forks Over Knives plant-based cooking course, and enjoys researching the science of cooking and presentation for the home cook. She admits she is still learning. She loves having friends over dinner, or better, going to a friend's house, and impromptu cooking a meal with what is available in their pantry and fridge. How much fun could that possibly be? Tons! Weaving musings about beekeeping, Lisa presents workshops, breakouts, and keynotes about cooking, self-care, and simple living at conferences and retreats for healthcare, senior, and women's groups. Past lives: Registered Respiratory Therapist, HR professional, and president of multiple local and state professional organizations. She has performed as a gypsy, nun, Renaissance courtesan, and various young maidens in opera choruses (years ago!), directed choirs, and taught piano. Most importantly, she experienced The Presence in the quiet of Rocky Mountain National Park. For those who need a bit more on the corporate side, Lisa has over 40 years of experience in healthcare (OMG that's a lot!) including cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation program management, human resources, and performance improvement. She holds a Master's Degree in Organizational Management and is a Certified Master Coach and Compassion Fatigue Specialist. We can celebrate life at any age. Sometimes we are racing with the wind, and other times we are lighting a candle for a loved one. Sometimes we have to learn a new way to live. It's a celebration because we are here, breathing life with a cup half-full. We learn from these celebrations and in turn, bring joy to others while keeping watch for the wonderful. Books and Products: Plant-based Test Drive Workbook - a 14 day, self-discovery and coaching workbook to explore and jumpstart a plant-based lifestyle 21 Days of Sweet Kale Salad Mix - 21 recipes to bring more cruciferous vegetables into your daily life! Compassion Mantra Cards - Need a lift? Lisa shares 14 thoughtful compassion mantras for daily use. Home Emergency Preparedness Guide - a home and estate management organizing tool Managing the End to Bridge the Beginning - caregiving tips for end of life care and estate management Coming soon! A cookbook celebrating the CSAs, backyard gardens and farmers markets in Northern Colorado!
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Introduction to the 3Cs of Compassionate Interactions
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