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This is the first part of Darrell's manual for college applicants: "Master the Modern Admissions Process: A Step-by-Step into the College of Your Dreams."

In this dynamic, 14-chapter manual, you will learn how to:
-Get accepted into the nation's most selective colleges in this challenging market
-Craft your essay to make your personal story appealing and engaging
-Distinguish your application from those with the same range of grades & SAT scores
-Play to your strengths and market yourself effectively to college admissions committees
-Brand yourself and tailor your applications to exemplify the...
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Darrell Bennett, Esq., is an attorney, college professor and nationally-recognized author. He has shared his story in schools, conferences and churches all over the world. For more information, please visit www.DarrellBennett.com.
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Master the Modern Admissions Process
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