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Imagine....YOU as a millionaire in your own business.

Look through the eyes of The Accidental Millionaire, Stephanie Frank, as she takes you on a journey of triumph and tears, laughter and loss while building not one but two multi-million dollar service businesses. Read and learn as she gives you the insider scoop - the strategies, secrets and truth for what it REALLY takes to achieve success, make the right decisions, break through barriers and become the powerful leader of your life. You will laugh, you will cry, but most of all, you will be inspired ot...
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What can you learn from a real life ethical computer hacker and human persuasion expert about how to achieve peak performance and maximize profits? A lot! Stephanie Frank is the street--smart voice of personal power, productivity, peak performance and communication for business (and life). She is an internationally recognized Master NLP coach/practitioner, hypnotist, speaker. author and trained in: - Positive and Applied Psychology - Body Language - Facial Micro-Expressions - Organizational Systems - Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Persuasion. An experienced problem solver and technology analyst, she has achieved over 15 high-level network engineering certifications, including: - Novell’s Master CNE and Master CNI - Microsoft’s MCP, MCT and MCSE - PMG Level II Protocol Analyst - Various other industry certifications from Cisco, Fluke and several others Stephanie has worked on hundreds of large scale networks around the world to determine sources of intrusion, behavior issues and to plug possible security breaches (both human and computer). She has also worked with hundreds of organizations to simplify and streamline process and communication for efficiency and profit. She is the author of the best-selling book, The Accidental Millionaire and numerous training programs including ToDoToday:The Creative Genius' Guide to Getting Things Done. (currently on her professional website but coming soon to Udemy!). She has been published in Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, Forbes, Sales Excellence, and seen and heard on Fox News, NBC Radio, Neil Cavuto and dozens of other media outlets. She is a regular blogger and her work is published in over 90 countries. Stephanie loves animals, yoga, the outdoors, anything to do with the creative presentation of food, and of course, language. From Cyber to Rover, she'll help you crack the behavior code for stress-free living! Her next book, Chaos to Calm: What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do will be published soon.
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