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3 months program; 35 credit hours

Imagine how many lives you can save
and heal using your wisdom and insight.

If you are constantly thinking about helping people
If you have overcome major challenges in your life and offer so much wisdom and insight to those who need it
If people seek your wisdom and ask for your advice
If you have passion for inspiring, teaching, and leading people through life transformation
If you canât bear the thought that people who need your service would suffer unless you help...
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Ronit is passionate to heal many wounded soul, offer them an opportunity to turn their pain into their purpose. She did exactly that as she overcome depression and discover that her life were not in alignment with her soul truth. The path of healing was revealed to Ronit as she had followed the yellow brick road to seek her own soul truth. Her road signs where the geographical magazines she read as a child that uncovers her passion to learn and connect with people around the world to expand her life beyond the Jewish life In Israel. Ronit's own discovery of her soul truth empowers her to take people on a journey of "self" discovery to the kingdom of Oz. Everyone who arrives to OZ would create a new life that authentically would align with their soul truth. Ronit complied and published her book "Walking in the Footsteps of the Masters' trailing the footsteps of the Masters to the "kingdom of Oz."
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Soul Speaking ICF Certified Coach
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