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Overview: Integrating with Learn It Live

Learn It Live's API makes it easy for you to add the core elements of Learn It Live's learning management system (LMS) to your own website, allowing your users to create, register for, attend classes, and view class recordings seamlessly from your site. Using the API, you can use Learn It Live as the back-end powering your site's very own LMS, without needing to write your own LMS from scratch. The API allows your users to:

  • Create classes as instructors
  • Edit or delete classes as instructors
  • Register for classes as students and instructors
  • Attend live class sessions as instructors and students, using the Learn It Live video-conferencing
  • Watch past class recordings as instructors and students, using the Learn It Live video-conferencing

The API allows the site administrator to:

  • List all classes (future and past) on your website
  • Manage all classes created via a site-wide admin panel (only available for the site admin)
API Design
The Learn It Live API is a REST-based API with methods for creating and retrieving class and student details. In addition, Learn It Live supports seamless user redirection directly onto, so that your users can directly interact with the full suite of features at Learn It Live.

All API requests are made by sending a request to the following address:

An example API request might look like:

All API requests must include the API key and System Name provided.

A Drupal client module already exists for interacting with the Learn It Live API.

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