Live Session FAQs

Q) How do I enter my live session?

Log into your account and click the green "Enter Live Session" button from your private profile. This button becomes activated 30 minutes before the session start time.

Q) Can I view the live session or recording from my mobile device (iPad, Android, etc.)?

Yes. For live sessions, you need to download the Puffin Browser (available here), and then login to Learn It Live from Puffin. As for recordings, you can watch them on your mobile device without an issue.

Q) How do I talk within the session?

If the instructor invites you to speak, simply press the microphone button in the bottom left of the session window. Again, it is best to use a headset (like these).

Q) How do I improve the quality of the video feed? How can I broadcast my video?

If a live video feed is running, you can optimize the quality of the video by changing the settings in the bottom left of the video window to "Fine Color." You can broadcast your own video feed by clicking "Transmit."

Q) Can I ask questions of the presenter?

Yes, we encourage it! The best mechanism is to use the room's chat to ask questions. You can ask publicly to the entire room, or privately to the presenter or a single individual.

Q) What do I do if the session slows down or experiences a "lag"?

Please be patient. Usually, you will be automatically reconnected to the feed and will be brought back into synch with the live session. If you are experiencing problems for more than 30 seconds, close the session and re-enter from your Learn It Live profile. 

Q) What do I do if I am blocked by a Firewall?

In rare instances the virtual classroom technology may be blocked by a firewall. This issue is most common in places with heightened network security settings, like large offices, hospitals, etc. If you are experiencing this problem, please have your system administrator provide access to the following Web servers (it takes less than 2 minutes):

  • Port 80 on
  • Ports 80, 443, 2187 on

If you are still having issues, please contact

Q) How do I start the recording in the live session?

Every Learn It Live session can be recorded. Once a live session begins, it is the instructor's responsibility to click "Start Recording" in the lower left-hand side of the session window:

Q) How do I view a recording?

Recordings are generated and available within 12 hours after the class session ends (in certain rare circumstances, it can take up to 48 hours for processing). These recorded sessions will be automatically routed to your profile where they will be permanently accessible for viewing. To access these archived recordings, click on the orange "View Recording" button on the class widget:

Q) What happens if I have issues getting connected or any other problems?

If you have issues getting connected, the most important step you can take is to clear your Java cache. For specific instructions on how to do that, please see this resource.

If you still are having problems, please contact us at