Learner FAQs

Q) What is Learn It Live?

Learn It Live is a social learning platform that connects people to expert instructors in online classes.

Q) What do I need to know before signing up for my first session?

Most of the background information about an instructor or class will be available on their respective pages. If you have any questions or seek further clarification, you can easily send the instructor a message through the Learn It Live messaging system.

Q) How will the live session be conducted? What can I do during a live session?

All live sessions take place in an interactive virtual classroom with live audio and video. Check out our test room to see it in action.

Q) How do I enter my live session?

Log into your account and click the green "Enter Live Session" button from your private profile. This button becomes activated 30 minutes before the session start time.

Q) Will I be able to watch a session after it is over?

Certainly. Recordings are generated and available within 1 hour after the class session ends (in certain rare circumstances, it can take up to 24 hours for processing). These recorded sessions will be automatically routed to your profile where they will be permanently accessible for viewing. To access these archived recordings, click on the orange "View Recording" button on the class widget:

Q) There is no recording for my session. What happened?

If there is no recording for a session, it means the instructor or moderator did not initiate the recording from within the live session. If you believe the recording is mistakenly missing (and it's 24 hours after the session ended), please email support@learnitlive.com.

Q) How do I pay for a class?

Learn It Live uses PayPal's secure payment gateway. You can pay with a Credit Card or PayPal account.

Q) I need to cancel my registration from a session. What do I do?

You can cancel your registration from any session up to 24 hours in advance. From your private profile, click on "Account" then "Classes & Events" from there you will see all the classes that are currently available for cancellation. If you have made a payment, you will receive an automatic refund.

To cancel within 24 hours of the session start time or after it is over, please contact support@learnitlive.com

Q) I'd like to receive less notification e-mails from Learn It Live. What can I do?

You have full control over the e-mails we send you. Configure your settings by logging in to your Learn It Live account, and clicking on "Account" then "Notifications."

Q) How can I view, download, and print learning content affiliated with my session?

Instructors often create learning content (presentations, documents, video, audio, etc.) to supplement their live classes.

This learning content will be listed on the class page.

Click on any of these items to view the learning content. On the content page, you can view the content, download it, and -- if it is a document -- print it by clicking "Print" above the document.

Q) How do I get in touch with an instructor or other learners?

Every user page has an option to "Send Message". This feature allows you to stay in touch with your instructors and co-learners.

Q) Im excited about Learn It Live! What can I do to get involved?

Our mission is to allow anyone, no matter where they are, to interact with experts in online classes. We need your help to make that happen. Let us know what you want to learn and the experts you think should be on Learn It Live teaching it. We're always ready to chat.

Drop us a line at info@learnitlive.com.