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Come discover the mysterious Egyptian Goddess of the sun, moon and cats - Bast. Learn about cat magic and what your furry companion is trying to communicate to you. From a fierce warrior to a home protector of women and children create a connection to this amazing Cat Goddess and learn how to spark magic in your life and protect what you love.
In these 6 classes Emanuelle will help you to discover your life path and manifest abundance and bliss into your reality by giving you clarity on where you are on your journey today, so you can stop second guissing yourself. By giving you an insight and understanding in the different structures within your life so you can then understand which parts need more of your attention and focus to live a balanced, blissful existence. You will be able to be who you truly are in essence, an intuitive, compassionate version of yourself and learn how to go beyond creative visualization to tap into your souls deepest desires and experience genuine spiritual liberation.
Become a Priestess of Sophia! The Sisterhood of Sophia Women's Empowerment Seminar The 4th Ray / White Ray of Love, Beauty, Balance & Harmony and some of its Goddesses: Inanna-Ishtar (Mesopotamia), Aphrodite (Greece), Hathor (Egypt), Lakshmi (India); Pachamama (Peru & Bolivia), Diana (Roman) Plus...1) Q's & A's, 2) A Discussion About the Expression of Love, Beauty, Balance & Harmony in Our Lives & How to Connect with Them 3) Invocation to the 4th Ray Goddesses and 4) a Guided Meditation to Connect with Them. Facilitated by Priestesses of Sophia and Seven Ray Initiates Andrea Mikana-Pinkham and Melody Heart, longtime teachers of the Goddess Tradition. BECOME A PRIESTESS OF SOPHIA: For those women who would like to become a Priestess of Sophia, we will offer that auspicious opportunity during our 9th seminar in 2018. As a Priestess you will be grounded in Her energies, as well as that of the Seven Rays and Their various Goddesses. You will then be a representative of Sophia, the Lady of the Seven Rays, on Earth.
Who is Shiva? Discover more about this beautiful and wild God of India in this Voices of Spirit series. Learn how Shiva is the devotee of devotees, helping you to live here on the planet with passion and beauty. Create a connection to his/her many faces and discover what form you need in your life now. Hear a special message from Shiva to help you claim your power in a new loving way. Let the Wild God come dance in your life and see everything transformed! This class will be recorded.
What is Smudging? Come learn this simple but powerful way to cleanse yourself and your environment. Discover different kinds of smudging herbs and plants right in your garden. Create a beautiful ceremony to cleanse away negativity and clear away stagnant energy within your home. Add to your spiritual tools and create a positive life. This class will be FREE and recorded so you can share with your community.
In this free introductory class for When Tarot Talks: A Conversation Through the Cards workshop series, I'll share a brief history on the tarot, dispel some myths and get into the structure of the cards. I'll also share how to care for your decks, including cleaning, charging and storage. If you've ever been curious about tarot but was unsure of where to begin or have a deck and feel overwhelmed by the amount of cards and meanings, When Tarot Talks: A conversation through the cards! is designed for you :) About Winter: Winter has been reading tarot for 25 years and have collected various decks over the course of time. This has allowed her to see how decks can vary in design, energetics and how each can deck be used for a specific purpose. Her readings draw upon traditional foundations as well as channeled messages from her team of angelic guides. You can find her at MoonDance Botanicals in Denver, CO on Saturday afternoons, her YouTube Channel (SourceSpirit Guidance) or for private sessions as well via her site ( This is an introductory & informational class for the series: When Tarot Talks - A Conversation Through The Cards This class will be offered again in October 2018! 10/15, 10/22 and 10/29/2018. Preregistration by October 1st will be required for class participation.
Come learn about Eagle medicine and learn to spread those wings of freedom! -Meditate with the Eagle and discover your eagle spirit guide -Connect with the spirit of the eagle for healing and learn how to raise above your struggles -Celebrate the Native American story of the eagle feather and why they are so important to their ceremonies -Learn to connect deeper to spirit and have your own vision quest -And much, much more Live class with Q & A, this will be a recorded class. Come join this exciting new series with Raven Many Voices, Voices from Spirit. Each month you will be hearing from spirit guides of the Heavens above and the Earth below to help you develop your skills, trust your heart and walk with confidence on your path of life.
Join Medium Beth Lynch for an Online Circle of Life. The Circle of Life Online is an enlightening and inspiring event of meditation and channeled messages. Loved ones in Spirit are always a part of the evening as well as spiritually guided wisdom for the group and individuals. It is an evening for you to experience the love still between you and those in spirit and the very natural and blessed gift we all hold to communicate with them.
Are you curious about crystal skulls? Want to learn how you can awaken your own crystal skull? Come join Raven Many Voices and her crystal skull Edgar as you discover more about these amazing beings of light. Even if you do not have a crystal skull connect to their amazing healing energy to expand your consciousness and reveal hidden wisdom. Release your fear and create a new relationship to these powerful healers awakening all over our planet now!
Come learn about Buffalo medicine and find the strength within to withstand any storm in life! -Meditate with the Buffalo and discover your buffalo spirit guide -Connect with the spirit of the buffalo for healing and connection to all life -Celebrate the Native American story of White Buffalo Woman -Learn to connect deeper to gratitude and abundance -And much, much more Live class with Q & A, this will be a recorded class. Come join this exciting new series with Raven Many Voices, Voices from Spirit. Each month you will be hearing from spirit guides of the Heavens above and the Earth below to help you develop your skills, trust your heart and walk with confidence on your path of life.
This Class is for those of you who are already Spiritually Awakened. It includes: LIVE Soul Channeling from Dr Kruger and Masters Healing and Sounds from the Angels Transformational Channeled Activations from Unicorns, Mermaids and Dragons Ascension Codes Brand New Frequency Tools Information Chakras and Aura Healing with Quantum Biofeedback Group Sound Healing This is Class is Directly Inspired From The Masters, Walking in Love, Light and Wisdom
Who is your Inner Child? Learn how helping this inner part of your emotional world can create peace and expand your spiritual connection to see spirits and angels. Discover how your inner child is blocking your forward movement and how to bring them back to a place of safety. Time to go back to the beginning and listen to that little girl or boy and find your wisdom!
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