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Come learn about Bear medicine and discover the bear within you! -Meditate with the Bear and discover your bear spirit guide -Connect with the spirit of the bear for healing and personal power -Discover your bear skin to protect yourself from the energy of others -Let bear help you walk with confidence and grounding -Learn to dive deeper within the dream realms and meditation -And much, much more Live class with Q & A, this will be a recorded class. Come join this exciting new series with Raven Many Voices, Voices from Spirit. Each month you will be hearing from spirit guides of the Heavens above and the Earth below to help you develop your skills, trust your heart and walk with confidence on your path of life.
Our 5th seminar is about the 4th Ray / White Ray of Love, Beauty, Balance & Harmony and some of its Goddesses: Inanna-Ishtar (Mesopotamia), Aphrodite (Greece), Hathor (Egypt), Lakshmi (India); Pachamama (Peru & Bolivia), Diana (Roman) Plus...1) Q's & A's, 2) A Discussion About the Expression of Love, Beauty, Balance & Harmony in Our Lives & How to Connect with Them 3) Invocation to the 4th Ray Goddesses and 4) a Guided Meditation to Connect with them. Facilitated by Seven Ray Initiates Andrea Mikana-Pinkham and Melody Heart, longtime teachers of the Goddess Tradition.
Come join this exciting new series, Voices from Spirit. Each month you will be hearing from spirit guides of the Heavens above and the Earth below to help you develop your skills, trust your heart and walk with confidence on your path of life. Voice from Spirit - Wolf Medicine Come learn the way of the wolf and discover the wild spirit within your heart. In this class we will: *Meditate with wolf and discover your wolf spirit guide *Connect with the wolf spirit for guidance and protection *Discover your wild side and unleash your instincts *Let wolf help you to tap into your leadership skills *Learn to howl and call upon your spiritual pack *And much, much more Live class with Q & A, this will be a recorded class.
Let the energy of divine Love and Light open you up to ignite your inner power! In this 1-hour workshop presented by psychic-mediums Joseph D'Airo and Christina Hammarberg, you'll learn the basics of co-creating and manifestation as well as the key steps to help you unlock your own inner power! Joseph and Christina will also share their co-creation experience, answer your questions and lead you through a brief guided meditation to help you connect with your highest potential. Joseph and Christina are siblings, each able to connect with Spirit in their own unique way. Joseph ( is a Seer, Activator, and Intuitive Artist based on Long Island, NY. Christina ( is a Spiritual Conduit, Energy Activator and Intuitive based in the White Mountains of NH.
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Are you feeling there is something more to this life and hearing an inner calling? Are you feeling a deeper connection to your inner voice and hearing an inner calling to step out and really make a difference in your own life and for the world? Do you feel like you have hit a plateau and just can't seem to move forward? Join us for this webinar, and learn about amazing Ancient Healings and Teachings that unlock our potential and accelerate us forward on our path of progression. These beautiful tools connect us deeper to our divine purpose, our divine blueprint, opening our gifts even further, and moving us forward.
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As we walk the path of spirituality, we begin to know ourselves on a deeper level, and there comes a time when we have a choice to connect, receive, and integrate with our Higher Nature. This is a part of us that is beyond our human experience, our personality, and our ego selves. It is a vast awareness, intelligent and conscious. It has a much broader, wiser, and timeless perspective. It is you, and yet so much more than you might imagine. It is your Divinity, and it is calling for you. When you answer that call, your Higher Nature or as some call it, Higher Self, brings you valuable guidance, learning and growth. It leads you on the journey within, discovering your identity as a being of light, a ray of the Divine. Your Higher Self is your unconditional best friend, and is always awaiting the chance for union with you. This session leads you within via the powerful process of hypnosis, accessing the deeper parts of your mind, where the connection to Spirit awaits. Embedded suggestions condition your mind to return again and again to the truth of your nature. Using this process as a practice will deepen your path and connection to this inner reality. Give yourself this experience for the upcoming Valentine's Day, answer the call of your Soul and fall in love with yourself! When you are aligned with your Higher Awareness, your life will never be the same!
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Come join us on the day of love and dive deeper into the mysterious energy of Kundalini, tantric and more. Kundalini is a natural energy of life that can help you to restore your body, find your partner of love and bring passion into everything you enjoy. Bring an open mind and lots of questions as we explore a topic that can be exotic and a little confusing at times. This will be a recorded class.
Are you experiencing joy, adventure and creativity in your life? Is your life more rudimentary, habitual, same ole, same old regiment? How do we know we are aligned with our Truth? What is the Truth? Is it the same as my purpose? How do I make the shift? These questions and more require courage and introspection to answer. Herein lies the key to joy, happiness and expansion. Join in this discussion as we explore these questions and tap into these hidden answers.
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Join us for this half-hour FREE introduction to the history, rites and teachings of the very ancient Order and Mystery School of the Seven Rays and its branch, The Sisterhood of Sophia.
Part 3 of Tammy's 3-part Crystal Series. Crystals are used to heal blocked chakras. Learn how they can do that. Each crystal chooses its owner for the purposes of healing. Find out which one is meant for you! When: Friday, January 26, 2018 at 6:00 pm Cost: $25/person
Are you looking to take yourself to a new level in 2018? Imagine living your full potential and actualizing your dreams into reality. In this event, we will discuss effective tools and methods that propel us through our blocks that keep us stuck and in the same cycles. You will learn about Ancient Sacred tools that are available to us today that open our untapped potential and gifts, Ancient Healings and tools here in the modern world that bring Light into our very essence and core opening our divine blueprint to create a new reality. Start doing what works and see the changes unravel in your life! Included in this event is a beautiful meditation for healing and balance.
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Tammy Adams
Spirituality > Spiritual Development
Recorded: Jan 19, 2018 at 09:30 pm EDT
This is part 2 or Tammy's 3-part Crystal Series. This class will be covering why crystals are healing. Can crystals heal your health emotionally, spiritually, and physically? This and more answers await you during this class. When: Friday, January 19, 2018, at 6:00 pm Cost: $25/person
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