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In this workshop, I teach HSP how to process and heal through understanding their unique trait of sensitivity and giving them tools to empower and help them transform back into light and wholeness. I am called to do this because I had to do it for myself, so it became a personal calling and passion. If you will, If you are Looking to have more control over your sensitivity and learn how to utilize your unique gifts to enhance your life and unleashes your true potentiality. then I created this course for you!! in this workshop we will learn the differences between being highly sensitive and being an Empath. We will also explore some of the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental manifestations that go along with being born as a sensitive and/or an empath. The workshop will cover the following Topics: * Strategies and tools to help create balance in their day-to-day lives. * Physical and genetic differences of being an empath and HSP * How to manage your sensitivity with spiritual and physical daily practices and exercises. * Learned the function of the energy body and how to clear protect and ground your energy. * Learn the eight different types of Empaths, and this specific psychic abilities associated with each of them. And * Tools to balance your emotions and constructive ways in dealing with anxiety and overstimulation. I have seen the evidence of incorporating The healing practices in this workshop to thousands of individuals and I am confident that you will feel more grounded and empowered with your unique trait of sensitivity after you integrate these practices into your life! They are truly transformational!
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Linda Howard
Spirituality > Christian Studies
Recorded: Jul 16, 2013 at 09:30 pm EST
Hosted by After the ONE Ministries; Minister Linda Howard - The introductory and subsequent classes will examine the Word of God concerning "The Gift" given to ALL men for salvation and living life more abundantly: The Good News; The Gospel of The Grace of God. There is a guaranteed promise of life transformation and empowerment for all who have ears to hear what God is saying at this hour. This class is ideal for anyone feeling like they're in a rut; stagnant and not seeing any breakthroughs in their lives. Get ready... you're about to BREAK THROUGH AND BREAK OUT and enter into a greater dimension of power [real power]. After the ONE Ministries... Evangelizing today, like there's no tomorrow.
This class will delve into the perpetual Evangelistic mandate given by Jesus to all of His followers in the following scriptures: Matthew 28:18-20 and Mark 16:15-18 Attendees will leave armed with scriptural revelation and be spiritually empowered to go forth - making an explosive impact on the lives of those they encounter - daily, for the Kingdom of God.