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Living in the moment is a conscious lifestyle, that brings tremendous benefits to our life. Each week I will share useful tips and updates on the current energies we are encountering, and how we can remain in the here and now. The ability to tap into the higher consciousness whilst navigating the reality of the planet. I will be joined by special guests who will share their own life stories and relationship with the Universe. You will be amazed at what some of my guests have encountered, and how they are contributing to the shift in consciousness. It simply requires a little bit of magic and belief in our own capabilities. There are many topics for discussion, and it is best just to see what flows through each class/session.
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European meditation with Gayatri Kamadhenu
A one hour fully guided healing meditation to uplift the mind, spirit and body for the week ahead.
For those who have already been walking their Spiritual Path & developing their Gifts and Connecting more deeply to their Higher Consciousness there comes times that we hit a plateau or crossroads. This group is designed for those who have hit a plateau, at a crossroads, or seek to Connect with others of Like Mind in a supportive setting. We meet monthly and each session builds upon the previous while still providing valuable information and support for those who attend for the first time or can only attend sporadically.
Tarot Reading 101 breaks down the meanings and symbolism of traditional tarot decks (as opposed to oracle cards) for easier understanding and interpretation. This class is comprised of two parts. In the first half, we'll look at the cards themselves. In the second half, we'll talk about interpreting the cards and how to conduct a reading, whether we're conducting that reading for ourselves or for others.
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This is a 4 week course designed to prepare you for a world that you may think does not exist. It shall open your eyes to a new possibility, the possibility that the world is indeed FLAT! At least the world that surrounds you! No we are not talking about the Earth itself but the very dimensional existence that you reside in! Come join me on a Spiritual journey that will blow your mind and possibly expand your Believe System beyond that which you thought was possible! Join me as we explore the Flat World of Spirit Matrixing! Course Content Lesson 1 - Introduction Chapter 1 - The Flat World of Spirit Matrixing Chapter 2 - The Orb Perspective Lesson 2 Chapter 3 - Intention Evolution Chapter 4 - Natural and Physical Lines Chapter 5 - Looking Small Lesson 3 Chapter 6 - We are Here! Chapter 7 - Tracing Chapter 8 - Layers Lesson 4 Chapter 9 - Hiding in Plain Sight Chapter 10 - Matrixing Considerations Course Review
This class is a 2-part, progressive series , that will foster expanded awareness of your intuitive self, and guide you through mediumship development. Series 1: -Working with the subconscious mind, to eliminate barriers of fear. -Understanding the essence of self, at it's core. -Expanding into timeless self awareness. -Overview of the basics of spirit communication Series 2 -Establishing structure in the communication process -Recognizing spirit's presence -Communication Strategies with spirit -Validation As always, in each class I encourage everyone to be as interactive as possible, and have your questions ready!
Continuing our Spiritual journey into self realisation and healing
Magic and miracles are within your power; so is manifesting the life you dream of having. There is an infinite source of feminine energy at your disposal - and a whole host of feminine spiritual practices ready for you to embrace. In this free workshop, we'll explore the primary principles of feminine spiritual energy - and how it differs from the masculine spirituality we've been taught.
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We can feel disempowered when busy daily activity requires our attention. World news can create an energy of unease but we don't need to choose to get caught!
Chakras are something every living thing in this world has within their bodies.  It helps us interact with the world and connects our spiritual energy with our living tissues and organs.  Come dive deeper in understanding your 108 chakras.  Learn how to heal your own energy systems and tap into this amazing system of wisdom and insight!  New series on Learn It Live starting Wednesday November 29th with a FREE 30 minute introduction and continuing with 60 minute classes December 6th and December 13th. In this 30 minute FREE introduction learn about the chakras, how you can clear their energy and how they help you connect with this amazing world.
Raine Grant
Spirituality > Shamanism
Start: Nov 29, 2017 at 07:00 pm EST
Raine Grant founder of The Rainbow Healers . Com: Present Psychic Readings to the public with our group of Shamans who will each give you a reading so come prepared to ask your question or see what advice Spirit has for you.
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