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Feeling pushed to work powerfully with emotions in our Crisis times? Give yourself & others the gift of knowing how emotions work, what they're meant to do for us, and how to help them do their navigational jobs for your life. Lasting Emotional Mastery facilitated by skillful use of essential oils, tailored to your emotional issues. Supplement what you already know with two powerful systems for working with emotions that removes the need to keep going back to "handle" anger or fear or other emotions. Lasting, hands-on, tailored to participants and empowering.
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Many athletes train for their sport but do not have any understanding of the mental muscle that requires activation. Some days they perform effortlessly and other days they are entirely horrible. What is the "zone?" This class will help you understand how to access the zone which allows you to perform at your highest potential. This technique works for athletes as well as corporate executives, CEOs, even parents, and partners.
Sometimes we're so overwhelmed by life's challenges, we cannot even consider what might bring us happiness. This class will share simple techniques to recognize the tell-tale signs that may be sabotaging your sense of well-being and contentment. We will explore an understanding about what you think might make you happy may not really be delivering happiness! Is it your time to reevaluate your priorities, your choices and your mindset? Let's do this together!
This is a safe space in which we are giving ourselves permission to speak about the abuse we have suffered. Here we will find live and support. Praise and kindness. This is a judgement free zone. We are here to heal. Healing ourselves puts us back in the light and sets us free.
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