External societal and interior personal changes, and the unseen energy currents in our environment, are only three kinds of variables in the vast field of our lives. Life changes all the time, in both major and minor ways. How do we deal with the personal and societal stresses of our lives? How can we create an interior decor that addresses our needs for peacefulness, safety and nurturing? This COMPLIMENTARY online webinar will address the needs of creating a haven, a sanctuary where we can retreat from the outer distractions and unrest of the world and ground ourselves from within. When we find solace and support from our home environments we can then be fully present for the outer world we live in. Webinar Objectives: 1) Explore how the outer world affects the inner home and how you can create a space to support you during times of uncertainty. 2) Apply techniques to help you reassure your sense of belonging and unconditional acceptance that comes with knowing that your home space exists for you and is available to you at any time. 3) Discuss how to create home rituals to move beyond the external distractions to create more love, peace and acceptance of circumstances beyond your control using your home as support.
DESCRIPTION Join Award Winning Designer, Author, Feng Shui Expert Sherry Burton Ways as she shares how to make a few changes in your home decor can cause a big change in your attitude and strategies to explore and love yourself. This fun, interactive evening will highlight how to indulge in self exploration, creativity and manifest self love expression in your home or office interior. It is often said that your home is a reflection of your personality. A few changes in your home decor can cause a big change in your attitude and is a great way to explore and love yourself. It gives you a chance to indulge in a creativity and channelize your thoughts. A few questions: - Are you experiencing issues surrounding self love? - Do you have clutter issues in your personal space? - Are loving representations of yourself being reflected in your home? - Do you want a space that is calm and restful? Then you should definitely sign up for this FREE COMPLIMENTARY Webinar, in which I will help you with the Divine Self work of discovering your love of yourself, your soul purpose, and how to create a interior space that elicit emotions like happiness, joy and peace which truly equates to loving oneself. I will show you how to create a personal space where you can reflect upon personal love for yourself and your overall home or office environment. Sounds good? Then make room on your busy calendar and join us. U
Your external world is a reflection of your internal world! It is often said that your home is a reflection of your personal self-care and self love. This introductory FREE webinar will provide and overview of how to combine basic Feng Shui principles and Essential Oils to inspire emotional balance and well-being within, and for creating your dreams in 2017! How does this work? Feng Shui can be used to help draw harmonious opportunities and circumstances into your life, and Essential Oils can help assist you in clearing any emotional blocks and patterns that may prevent you from embracing such opportunities with open arms. The areas of life that Feng Shui can enhance are: relationships health prosperity children & creativity career family & community knowledge & spirituality reputation angelic influences helpful people travel. -Do you want to enhance or improve any of these areas of your life? -Do you want to CREATE AND WELCOME new opportunities and experiences with open arms full of JOY in 2017? Through self-reflection, and consciously working with the energies within you and in your home or work environment, you can!
All Astrology, whether it be Western, Vedic or Chinese is a roadmap for healing. It is a system intelligently, graciously and lovingly designed as a tool for individual, as well as collective evolution. How is this accomplished? Through Will. And where do we find Will? In the peace and Oneness of our minds through meditation. Using our Will, we call upon the positive energies of the Universe to guide us in intuitive action/thought to counteract the negative influences we encounter as distractions in our daily lives. When the mind is calm in meditation, we open ourselves up to feel the energetic qualities of the planets and their aspects and the polarities they possess, as everything in life. It is our Will to decide which we choose to embrace and how to obtain the ability to lessen the effects and bring forth the positiveness of the influence. Signs and planets are the energy encoded into the DNA of the seed of our Soul, and all their respective energies are needed to make us whole. This is the guidance of our Natal birth charts. This class will focus on how to overcome the limitations of our birth charts to be guided towards healing in all aspects of our lives (relationships, work, health) individually and collectively as a global unit through the use of meditation.
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Bring your questions about how to clear or transmute negative or lower energies that are in your personal or living spaces. Diana has been clearing and healing complex energy of all kinds including poltergeists, dark entities, obsessed lovers, spirit attachments, lower vibrations such as emotional in the aura (energy field), Portals, Black Holes, Parallel lives, lower ET's, possessions, and so many more in the time she has been on this path. Diana is able to heal these when it is in the highest good because she has a clear connection with Source and can hear how to proceed with each unique individual case. If no one has been able to help you with these energies or you are an energy healer, medium, or other light worker that would like more experience in this area, then join us for this session. Please submit your questions ahead of time if possible.
Navigate your Subconscious Mind to Achieve Abundance with Diana Kushenbach Join us to learn to maneuver through the mind, the subconscious, and above to properly manifest your divine mission through the power of Alchemy. (We will be working with Diana's subconscious pendulum chart (bring a pendulum if you have one or a necklace or anything that hangs on a string or chain) that will be published in Diana's next book) email Diana at info@policeintuitive.com to receive the chart ahead of time When you are guided how to work though the different levels of the subconscious, you will sit in a silent meditation for 15 minutes. This is a process that takes dedication, silence, and a new way to access information. I look forward to sharing this new information with you, Diana www.policeintuitive.com www.enochiantablets.com
Using the Healing Pendulum Online Class This is not a yes and no programming class, but an original healing method and chart from my first book Messages from the Enochian Tablets: A Lightworker�s Guide to Energetic Clearing. We will explore how pendulums can help with healing yourself and others. Learn how to read the different pendulum swings and how to clear chakras, remove non-beneficial energy, remove negative entities, clear past life issues, outdated vows and contracts, cutting cords, use for clearing crystals, adding positive energy, and much more. Using a pendulum helps to read what the energy is and what the energy is doing. If you have pendulums bring one to class. You will receive a copy of the healing pendulum chart and we will have plenty of time to explore this method of self healing. You will need a pendulum or any other necklace that works for you to use during the class. I use a small bell with a string attached, so anything will work. This is the healing pendulum system from my book,Messages From the Enochian Tablets: A Lightworkers Guide to Energetic Clearing.Www.enochiantablets.com More information about Diana Kushenbach at www.policeintuitive.com I am looking forward to sharing this system in an online class format! Cost is $15.00
It is hard to look great in your clothes if you don't choose pieces that are flattering for your body type. It doesn't matter if you are wearing couture or Kmart; a great fit is key to looking stylish! If you don't know your body type and are confused by the entire terminology: long torso, short torso, apple, triangle, etc., this class is for you. If you know your body type but need help in choosing the right clothing styles that best flatter your figure, this class is for you. In this course you will learn: 1. Why knowing your body type is critical for great style 2. How to identify your body type 3. How to choose apparel that best flatters your body type 4. Tips to altering clothing for the perfect fit
New Moon Honoring - is a time of working with the New Moon energy. Each session is catered a little to the month this is being done, season, and current influences. There is usually meditation, visualization, or other similar techniques used to honor the energy and keep us in flow with universal harmony and shifts. The more in flow we are with Nature's cycles, the more in flow our own life becomes.
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This is a time where we will be reflecting on what has happened over the last month. We will be looking at what has shifted, the blessings, the challenges, and preparing ourselves for the next Moon Cycle. We will look at making adjustments for things, so that we can move forward with full acknowledgement of what has happened. This teaches us how to open more fully and make room for what is next in our lives. We will incorporate meditation/visualization and/or energy work.
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I will be leading an honoring of the Spring Equinox. In this course I look at the symbology and aspects of this time, including current planetary and numerological vibrations that we are dealing with. As with all my courses there will be some level of energy work, vibrational healing, or visualization work included. We will be focused on planting seeds, and what is sprouting that was planted in the Fall. We will be looking at where to focus on energy during the turning of this season.
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Full Moon Honoring - is a time of working with the Full Moon energy. Each session is catered a little to the month this is being done, season, and current influences. There is usually meditation, visualization, or other similar techniques used to honor the energy and keep us in flow with universal harmony and shifts. The more in flow we are with Nature's cycles, the more in flow our own life becomes.
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