The relationship with any financial institution can be challenging. Whether you own a home, a vehicle, insurance, have a family or business, the M word is a priority. Where is the Joy in Money? How is that even possible when you are up to your ears with financial obligations? There is an ease with money that is available when you learn how you value the system of allowance and manifestation. When you have certain experiences you have an emotion that is attached to that experience. In this 6-week journey, you will learn how to access that emotion and harness that to interact with your current experience with money and future experiences you will develop and design to your new value system of abundance and prosperity. There is no fix to financial obligations, there is only freedom to experience what you choose when you choose, and how you choose. Let's explore and expand our experience with money and create the peace and ease we all deserve.
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If you are highly sensitive to energies or easily destabilized by external events and find it a challenge to stay calm and grounded, then this webinar can show you how to use questions and manage your emotions and thoughts optimally and easier! When you can make decisions from a neutral and informed space, you will feel more confident and self-assured. And this will be reflected in the results and opportunities that show up. Questioning is a powerful tool of focus when it comes to conscious living and creating the life, health and happiness you desire. This will be an interactive webinar - so bring your questions! We will look at how questions are used and different ways in which we can apply them, so they become tools of empowerment. We will look at 3 questions that can be used for most situations that can help you feel more confident when it comes to making your decisions. -> Register here A replay will be available to those registered.
Are you tired of getting inconsistent manifesting results? Do you feel frustrated because you don't see "how" your dream can manifest? Join me in this free webinar, where you'll learn an introduction to manifesting, the most common manifesting pitfalls, and practical tips to overcome them. You'll walk away with the tools you need to begin manifesting your dreams right away!
OUTSTANDING, FRONTIER CONSCIOUSNESS TRAINING & LIFE PRACTICE WITH THE FINEST ANCIENT EGYPTIAN WISDOM KEEPER. THIS IS A MASSIVE AWAKENING & TRANSFORMATION EXPERIENCE DESIGNED TO TAKE YOU OUT OF STEREOTYPES!!! IT IS SUPERB PREPARATION FOR MIND-BLOWING POWER-SITE TOURS WITH TRACEY. THIS IS THE DIRECT EXPERIENCE- TAKING YOU INTO THE REALITY OF ALL YOU HAVE READ THAT IS POSSIBLE! LET THIS GATEKEEPER TAKE YOU! This online seminar series of 10 live classes designed to AWAKEN & TRANSFORM YOU IN SERIOUSLY POWERFUL, REALITY-CHANGING CONSCIOUSNESS & RESOURCE. THIS IS LIFE PRACTICE DESIGNED TO EMBODY THE MIRACLE OF THESE INCREDIBLE TIMES- YOU! HIGHEST ON THIS AGENDA IS- * AUTHENTIC, OUTSTANDING MYSTERY SCHOOL TEACHING- BORED WITH INCOMPLETE, LOW POWER, SLOW TRANSFORMATION- THIS IS THE REAL-DEAL! * HIGH FREQUENCY LIFE FORCE, DESTINY, AWAKENING & MANIFESTATION TECHNOLOGIES & PRACTICES- SIMPLE, ADVANCED, POWERFUL FOR DAILY LIFE & CREATING REALITY BEYOND TOXIC STRUCTURES! The school is for ten students only. 10 STUDENTS ENROLLED ON DAY 1. You will need to wait for the next one! We bring you the direct experience of ANCIENT EGYPT with this ancient wisdom keeper and way-shower. Our quest BE more must now be re-evaluated and be lived. There is no other ancient mysteries technology like zero point to FAST TRACK YOUR AWAKENING. Why? Cohesive, embodied, gravity immersed. This technology tackles this reality, your life lessons and time. This technology simultaneously tackles immersing you in new realities, new time structures and even time loops. You will experience genius processes of advanced alchemy, mysticism and shamanic processes that deliver enlightenment and revolution. You will be held in the corridor of time and no time. This work has its roots in the ancient sites of GIZA & ABU GHORAB & pyramid science.BEYOND MISINFORMATION & DATA- THE ONLY WAY TO TRAIN IS VIA DIRECT TRANSMISSION & EMBODIMENT THROUGH A KEEPER OF ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE. KEEPERS TIME LOOP- THE KNOWLEDGE IS ENCRYPTED ETERNALLY IN SOUL & DNA. 5, 19 SEPT 3, 17, 31 OCT (from EGYPT) 7. 21, 28 NOV 5, 12, 19 DEC 1: Pyramid Technologies. Gravity, consciousness, universal realities and time. Meditation technologies that explore these concepts. Foundations of alchemy, time travelling, consciousness journeying! ONENESS: the ancients were genius in designing and maintaining heaven on earth. 2: Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Activation. Understanding CONSCIOUSNESS. Advanced meditation technologies. The foundations of ALCHEMY. 3: HOUSE OF ISIS: MAGIC 4: HOUSE OF MAAT: TRUTH 5: HOUSE OF OSIRIS: ETERNITY 6: HOUSE OF HORUS: EYE OF HORUS 7: HOUSE OF ATEN: UNITY 8: HIGH FREQUENCY CONSCIOUSNESS ACTIVATION & EMBODIMENT. THE BOOK OF LIGHT. Travelling: dimensions, intelligence, evolution. Why consciousness travelling resolves history and influences your/our conscious future. 9: FUTURE: accessing and influencing! This is a very exciting seminar where you will train in powerful transformation methods that change your frequency and learn how to influence future with incredible precision. You will experience massive transformation. 10: MASTERING REALITY: destiny, purpose and advanced awareness that comes with understanding true nature of consciousness beyond duality. Meditation technologies take you deep beyond time and reality. FOR TIME TRAVELLING. You will be initiated into THE BOOK OF LIGHT. SEPT 5, 19 OCT 3, 17, 31 (from EGYPT) NOV 7, 21, 28 DEC 5, 12, 17
How we meet our needs can determine how fulfilling our life is. During this group coaching session, we will undercover how you have been meeting your basic needs, if your needs are supporting or opposing each other and how we can meet our high needs. "When you know do better" - Maya Angelou This is a group coaching session, so please attend with your headset so that you can get involved. Numbers have been capped to allow greater participation.
Do you feel stuck? Not sure how to move forward? In this interactive group seminar we will discuss how to creating positive change. We will discuss the reasons for being stuck and how to break free from the resistance to change. To actively participate in this seminar, please have your webcam and headsets connected.
This is a one hour class on weight loss and management. There will be a hypnosis piece to this class to help support the group in being able to bypass the cravings, and help with the motivation to exercise and eat right.
Do you fee that you are going through significant personnel change? Change can occur in many aspects of our lives including career, relationships or health. Regardless of the reason, significant personnel change can be devastating and make us questions our own identity. This interactive workshop will be for people who want to: - change their mindset about the change; - learn skills for resilience; - be motivated and inspired to take that first step to creating a life that they want; and - learn the skills, habits, and mindset to move forward. Due to the interactive nature of this workshop, numbers have been capped to encourage interaction. Register your place now to avoid disappointment.
This session is tailored to the needs and perspective of survivors of sexual abuse/assault and explores the issues and concerns that survivors face in safely getting the help they seek. If you are someone who has been considering working with a sexual healer and have questions or would like a more in-depth understanding of the process, what to expect in working with a healer and what to watch out for, then please join us. For healers: we will also be considering how to meet a survivor-client's unique needs and meet them where they are at in their healing process. We will also be discussing the healer's and client's contribution to the Healing Alliance. Healers will receive practical suggestions to help them steward sessions and support their client's need to safely heal. Survivors will find out what to expect in working with a sexual healer during a session and in a sexual healing program. In this session we will be covering these four main topics: Consent What is consent? How & When to apply it What does it include? Active Consent Participation Working with a Healer The Healing Alliance Processing - the "work" of healing Healing Program Essentials Surviving & Thriving Dealing with what comes up Support Safety-Net Whole Systems Approach Transformation Tools Making Choices "Getting a hold of yourself" 2 techniques for two most debilitating triggers I'll be taking questions during the session AND please send in your questions before the session also. This session is for both Clients of sexual healers and Healing Practitioners, Counselors, Guides and Coaches. Insight will be shared for both sides of the Healer - Client relationship with practical tips and recommendations for getting the most beneficial and transformative effects from the sexual healing process. ** Sexual healing has been around for centuries yet despite its longevity is considered sketchy, fringe, dangerous, and semi-illicit. Not enough is readily known about its purpose or practices which creates concerns, fears and confusion. The subject of sexual healing can also trigger the wounds and fears in people who are not prepared to look deeply at their inner condition and their emotions. If you are a survivor of sexual abuse/assault please know who you can call, or better, come be with you should you need emotional support. This Safe Sexual Healing - Learn It Live session series compliments my book: Safe Sexual Healing: a Guidebook for Healers and Clients (Balboa Press) which was written to spread more public awareness of sexual healing and foster more confidence and familiarity with it so that more people can safely get the help they seek. See additional Safe Sexual Healing live sessions: Safe Sexual Healing: The Healer Safe Sexual Healing: The Session INSIDE SEXUAL HEALING -how to safely get the help you seek website:
This class will help you identify what energy center your Authentic self resonates from. Are you a Healer, coming from your heart? Do you struggle with how to help others without getting hurt? Are you a teacher vibrating at the throat level without an understanding why you feel compelled to tell the truth or share your knowledge. These things and more will introduce you to your true potential and you will learn how to integrate this information with your everyday schedule. there will be ample time for questions during this process.
Everything is Energy--including money! Of itself, money is not toxic but our thoughts, beliefs and emotions on the subject are lethal. These toxic energies are heavily charged and influence every aspect of money in your life. Identify and heal your money shadow with quantum energy tools and learn tangible strategies to overcome your money hurdles. In 5 Steps To Financial Health, we will marry money and magic clearing toxic landmines to your abundance.
Are you standing in the way of your own greatness? Be inspired by this introductory session to Peggy Sealfon's Integrated Life System in which she will share powerful ways to overcome blocks that may be holding you back. Negative patterns often show up as fears, anxieties and stresses. You'll learn new productive ways to dismantle the energy vampires and bring more balance and contentment into your life to improve your relationships, work, personal satisfaction, and tap into your true potential. Begin with the basic skills that can help you get on the path to be the best you. This class is for men and women!
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