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The Impact & Prosperity Show empowers and guides heart-centered entrepreneurs, coaches, visionaries, and world-changers to elevate their impact, visibility, and vibration while manifesting prosperity and abundance into their business and life. Donna and Lisa interview guest experts that help listeners have more joy and success while growing their business, living their soul purpose and creating more impact. Our show guest this week is Anna Pereira who will be talking about the importance of community in creating more impact and prosperity. Anna is a mentor and the Founder of The Wellness Universe, an online community of wellness providers, learning center and wellness content platform as well as live event production company. Her mission is to support total well-being, starting with the foundation: Those who support wellness to have the support and space to help the world be happier healthy and whole. She is married, lives between Portugal and New Jersey, has 2 cats, a dog, all adopted, and an African Gray parrot. Anna's diverse career includes designing and producing and empowering t-shirt line, heading up a 15 million dollar division for a pet products company, an online inspirational thought leader, and more. She believe that happy, healthy, whole people will lead the way to world peace.
Do you sell services or coaching time but always feel a little uneasy when it comes to setting or publishing pricing? You are not alone. Business owners in the wellness industry are notorious for starting businesses because they want to be of service, help people, and transform lives. But that does not mean you shouldn't be paid what you're worth! In this 45 minute masterclass, we'll cover how to shift your mindset so you no can confidently quote your prices and be paid what you're worth!
Are you struggling to show up fully in your life and business? Are you afraid of what people will think or say about you? Are you not having the impact and influence you desire? When you attend Connecting through L.O.V.E. - Top 4 Steps to Engage Authentically in Your Life and Business, you will quickly and easily learn: ~ The #1 mistake that most business owners make that stops them from effectively engaging with their ideal prospects. ~ An essential mindset shift that will help you acknowledge your value, so you can step into your greatness. ~ The necessary steps that every business owner must take to step into the spotlight with increased clarity and confidence. ~ How to turn your self-doubt into self-assurance just by adding a few essential steps. This very special presentation by Gloria Grace Rand is exactly what you have been looking for. I hope you are excited to get the help that you need because Gloria will deliver.
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Separate yourself from the competition by telling your small business story. Include the three key points covered in this class and attract better clients and customers without feeling "salesy." After all, success isn't just about what you accomplish, it's about what you INSPIRE others to do.
Do you know the three things your business must have to be successful online? Do you know the core basics required to solve the success equation? Are you skipping over how-to information that builds your back office? You'll find the answers in this free course.
Can you share what you do, in a spirit filled quick way? Telling them why they want to get to know you and your work? By the end of this class you will have this done. Simple, Easy,Fast and Spirit Filled! Tell your story, master your meaning and create your clear, loving "Pick Up Line." Pull in loving clients today...getting your message clear is the first big spirit filled step!
Have you ever wondered what your clients are thinking? What they really want and how to create that when you are with them? Well the cat is out of the bag, because in this class we will talk about just that and learn how to implement these client secrets right in to your business. Its easy, loving and life changing for you as a spiritual business owner and most important to your clients too!
Have you tried to promote your spirit-filled business, product or service in these ways? Maybe you have created a web site, put up fliers, mailed out postcards and many other marketing activities only to find you are just creating one time clients. You are left scratching your head on how to get them to come back again and again? Does this cause to you to feeling full of self-doubt, even though you know you are doing the work you were meant to do your god given gift? In this class we will talk about what areas spiritual business owners or spirit filled career individuals often miss that can be the difference of standing in the muck or moving forward in the FLOW. We will investigate how some very simple changes can create a business that you have always dreamed of. All this done in four simple steps and less than an hour!
Since we first began talking to each other, stories have offered a uniquely powerful tool to capture attention, engage an audience, and motivate them to act. In this session, you will learn why narrative is the most powerful form of communication you have, the elements of a good story, and how to begin to build a story culture within your organization.
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Join Dr Pam for a discussion about building relationships in business through direct sales. Dr Pam will help you demystify the power of network businesses and will share the reasons why they are so successful for many powerful leaders. Pam will share with you her 12 years of mastery in direct sales and its impact in her business life. And give you tips to why living the direct sales lifestyle can change you motivation, communication and health. In this presentation you will discover the power of the following topics --Healthy MInd --Healthy Body --Healthy Business Practices --Healthy Relationship Building --Win Win Relationships --The power of networking And much more!! This will be an amazing journey of self discovery fro your purpose, passion, health and relationship to small business.
Your personal brand consists of many things: knowledge, experiences, personality, friends, family, accomplishments, failures, attire, verbal and non-verbal communication, attitude, values, faith, and much more. Personal branding is who you are, what's inside, and how that translates to everyday actions, behaviors, and decisions. Your brand value translates directly to the value of the team, organization, and/or business. We will explore the topic during this session.
Want a sure fire road tested way to go from being a procrastinator to a producer? Are you tired of not living or achieving your most authentic goals and dreams? If so, this is for you! Procrastination erodes our purpose, hurts our bank accounts and takes its toll on us emotionally, spiritually and physically. It's a "source" problem. Here's the cure... This class offers: - A 360 degree view of procrastination and your life - An easy to remember, repeatable and comprehensive strategy to get consistent results with your projects and goals - A researched, tested and proven technique - Principle-based truth for maximum results - Customizable worksheets This program is PERFECT for you if you know that procrastination is directly causing you to lose in some or all of these ways: Professionally, personally, financially, relationally, physically, spiritually and/or socially. (Whether it’s smaller things like missed deadlines and late fees, or larger things like deferring your dreams, “living someone else’s life” or something burning in your heart yet you’re simply not doing it.) It’s time for your excuses to come to an end. It’s time to face your fears. In life, we can either face a life of regrets or face our fears. It’s time to overcome the fears and excuses, receive a powerful strategy that works and begin achieving what you want. Facilitator: Eric Johnson, MBA. CEO of Finish Your Project Consulting. If you have any questions for Eric, contact him at [email protected] or contact via Facebook or his website. Investment: Only $37.00. Includes downloadable worksheets.
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