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Getting into the right school for graduate education is an onerous and competitive process. Forster-Thomas has perfected a methodology that will get students into schools that they never dreamed possible. Being the “True You” is what Forster-Thomas teaches, and this is the strategy that will guarantee success during any application process. Over the last decade, Evan Forster and David Thomas have developed close relationships with the top rated and most prestigious academic institutions in the country. They understand how the system works. Forster-Thomas have turned their best-selling book, “Reality Check” and nationally renowned methodology into a seminar and webinar series, “Be The True You.” This will then be developed into workshops delivered in major markets. Syndicated radio hosts, Evan and David know how to deliver both an entertaining and informative message that provides students the differentiation that they need in a competitive environment.
In this dynamic class, you will learn the most effective strategies to get accepted into America's most prestigious colleges and universities. College lecturer and author, Darrell Bennett, takes you step-by-step through the admissions process. Darrell shares how he went from first-generation college hopeful to full scholarship recipient to graduating as Valedictorian—and how you can too, in this economy! (Based on Darrell's ground-breaking manual: "Master the Modern Admissions Process: A Step-by-Step into the College of Your Dreams")
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