How we meet our needs can determine how fulfilling our life is. During this group coaching session, we will undercover how you have been meeting your basic needs, if your needs are supporting or opposing each other and how we can meet our high needs. "When you know do better" - Maya Angelou This is a group coaching session, so please attend with your headset so that you can get involved. Numbers have been capped to allow greater participation.
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A class that teaches a very potent way to change what you hold in your matrix so that you can change what you see in your life
What if you knew you could align yourself with source? Yes, you can unlock the healing codes needed at this time on earth. DNA. DIVINE NATURAL ALIGNMENT: The crisis we are experiencing is a VOICE crisis. Voices of peacekeepers, healers, protectors of planet and human rights are not being heard.We have given our voices away and need to understand how to come back into our power, quickly. VOICE holds the key. It is a portal. Activate the divine frequencies we carry within and shift DIS-Ease to Ease. Harm to Harmony. Violence to Vibrancy. We are that powerful. This global gathering is a weekly transmission and attunement session given by Voice Visionary Kara Johnstad, It is designed to Activate your Throat Chakra and as a collective consciousness anchor the light frequencies pouring down on us at this moment. Join together each week to align yourself to the universe. In these evolutionary times your full voice needs to be heard.
You can never be too healthy, too happy, or too rich. Right? We laugh at this expression, but what is the little grain of truth in this tropism that resonates? Could it possibly be that we have no clue how to get from where we are now to a consistent experience of being healthy, happy, and living abundantly? Wouldn’t most of us delight in finding a #pathtopurpose that leads to consistent health, happiness and abundance? Learn how to incorporate excellent mind/spirit self-care to stay grounded, clear, and happy in your life and business one day at a time! Find out how to save money on resources you need to be healthy so you have more to spend living healthy happy, and abundant lives. Here is the key: Stepping up to simple-self care in any area of life leads us, choice by choice, to ...maybe...this...we know we can never be too loved, too loving, too healthy, or too happy. Here is the how: Intention, choice, implementation, and evaluating what changes. Step up to simple self-care each week with us here on The Wellness Universe beginning September 22, 2016 from 7:00 - 7:30 pm. Each week on Thursday nights, we’ll invest a little time together to support taking the best small actions that co-create your unique wellness universe -- in body, mind and spirit Cost: $20 for 4 Thursdays monthly cycle Each week we’ll invest a little time together to support taking the best small actions that co-create your unique wellness universe -- in body, mind and spirit. Join Anaiis Salles, International Energy Healer, life coach, spiritual mentor, and Author of the forthcoming book Living Lessons Library:Confessions of a Serial Manifestor and her guest host, Anastacia Townsend. We’ll share our toolbox of simple self-care techniques/tips. Learn to balance your energy field, to pre-tox and detox your body, to use nature’s tried and true remedies for common ailments, and to set yourself up for a holiday season minus the gift of regret!
Tapping In Intro- We are born with an incrdible internal guidance system that is designed to help lead us to our best possible choices. We learn to disregard it over time. When you learn how to hone in and use it to guide you, each day your confidence will grow. You will know you are making the best decsion for you and feel good about your choices each moment. Tap in to all you have available to you to help you live your best life.
Each one of us has a sacred calling. If you are on this webinar you are most likely a luminary, healers, seeker, teacher, writer - someone who is here to explore more deeply what their calling and message is. If you have been drawn to take the course may be looking for a place to birth your voice into our world, to dissolve fear and step into radiant confidence and grace. A powerful method designed to flip hesitation and unworthiness into radiant confidence. Whether coach, speaker, performer, teacher, feminine leader or creative conscious entrepreneur after only a few times integrating this practice, you will have no more fear to voice-up. Do you secretly feel that your voice is not enough? Do you struggle with finding the courage to speak up and share your gifts? Are you holding back from sharing your message and vision with our world? In this course you will discover 3 tools that will magically transform any belief system of lack and unworthiness into radiant confidence. Use this practice any time you are doubting yourself and tap into a highly abundant creative field. In these evolutionary times our world needs your voice and message to be heard. This course helps you know yourself better, appreciate yourself and others more, and be more present and connected to your inner voice. It helps you communicate clearly, hold onto less stress, live from a place of gratitude and become more comfortable in your own skin.
Empowerment: "The power to be uniquely how you are...¦without apology"-Dr Kevin. What blocks you from embracing joy in every aspect of your life? Here are some simple explanations and techniques designed to help you push through and beyond those blocks. Come away with tools to help you step onto your path of highest joy.
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Objective: To help participants set and execute totally by themselves their life goals in a given time frame, by using the techniques of Life Self Coaching - Be the Best of Yourself in order to be able to manage their emotional and interpersonal reactions towards their goal. Target audience: All people that are curious to learn how it feels to be the best of themselves and expand their potential towards the achievement of their goals.
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Do you feel stuck? Not sure how to move forward? In this interactive group seminar we will discuss how to creating positive change. We will discuss the reasons for being stuck and how to break free from the resistance to change. To actively participate in this seminar, please have your webcam and headsets connected.
Our Focus will be on Economic & Emotional Stability. Program: 1. to be Self-Sufficient 2. to be Responsible 3. Pay the Prize? Questions from the Audience Summery Fashion & Spiritual Advisor Sofia Wean is focusing on the timeless possibilities of living a modern life in our present life of materialism, effectiveness and accomplishments. She will teach you to feel more stable and positive about yourself and the future. She will help you to see Clarity, Balance and Stability of wisdom in to your daily life. She works with the present and the past to create the future life of emotional stability. She will take you out in a live-adventure in 2016, to see new perspectives, about Life. Sofia is a Teacher, and a modern life-guide who helps you to see new possibilities in your daily life. She sees people without judgments. She will take you out in a road-trip of wisdom of experience. She will give you a "tool", how you can navigate around the future and feeling emotional safe inside you, of being you, when everything around you looks dark. We now live 5 generation at the same time on Earth, with no human history in that. Where the fact is that our human population increases every day and our nature decrease.
This is a one hour class on weight loss and management. There will be a hypnosis piece to this class to help support the group in being able to bypass the cravings, and help with the motivation to exercise and eat right.
3 Keys to Go From Shy to Bold and Embody Radiant Confidence Introductory Call with Q & A Do you secretly feel that your voice is not enough? Do you struggle with being heard? Do you hold back from sharing your message and vision with other people? This is an introductory free call for people who secretly feel that their voice is not enough. I will introduce to you the new 4 week training FIND YOUR COURAGE FIND YOUR VOICE launching in October 2016 and you will have time to ask any questions you may have. In FIND YOUR COURAGE FIND YOUR VOICE you will be given 3 tools powerful tools that will be integrated into one sacred practice. Integrate it into your life and you will be surprised how quickly the old belief systems of lack and unworthiness disappear. Within seconds you understand how to go from shy to bold. Shift into a place of radiant confidence. Voice Your Essence. In these evolutionary times our world needs your voice to be heard.
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