Women are so capable. It's a blessing and a curse. Sure they're getting it all done but it's not without a price. That price often leads them to feel exhausted, overweight, unfit, overwhelmed, unfulfilled and unhappy. How can they become inspired, empowered and transformed to become their personal and professional best? Debi Silber, MS, RD, WHC, FDN will show them how. A busy mom who is running a business and earning her PhD in Psychology while raising 4 kids, 6 dogs, Debi has found a unique way to make it all work, focusing on all of the areas we need to become our best without sacrificing our health, relationships or sanity. You'll learn: 1-• A new way to create work/life balance...that actually works 2-• The corners we're cutting to get it all done and how it's impacting what we want most 3-• The main energy drains chipping away at your health, happiness and success 4-• How an illness, crisis, tragedy or trauma can be the catalyst you need to create the body, health and lifestyle you want most
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