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Sacred Feminine Power-From Exhaustion to Ecstacy Tap into your unlimited source of energy to get everything you've ever wanted-and more! As professional businesswomen and entrepreneurs, life gets extremely busy. We stay focused on what we need to do and are in strive-mode. Thank Goddess for the rise of the feminine and the ways that we can thrive in today's world, BUT, with all of this, women become burnout, exhausted and overwhelmed. We don't have the energy for nourishment, are sexually shutdown and loose site of the fact that our power as women lies in our sexuality. If you want to have more energy, passion, prosperity and live from you're purpose, this talk is for you. Here's a glimpse of what you'll learn..... - The Secret Connection Between Your Energy And Your Sexuality - What It Means To Live From Your Feminine To Get What You Want - How To Reclaim Your Sensuality In the talk, Jennevieve will teach you how to look better, feel better and awaken your energy and sexuality. She will teach you about your relationship to the feminine and the power lies there. She will share with you the secret that will help you have better relationships, love, sex and success in your business!
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