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In Breakthrough Success with the Energy of Money, I will give you specific tools to begin bringing clarity, focus, ease, and grace to your relationship with this form of energy. As a result you can become financially successful almost immediately. Go beyond insight and into action as you learn why we all meet up with obstacles to success, and, more importantly, what to do about them. Give yourself the gift of financial prosperity in the new year.
Learn four simple, yet profound, prosperity principles that will support and enhance your financial success in the new year.
Barry Hammer
Intentional Living.. > Purpose
Recorded: Oct 20, 2015 at 08:00 pm EDT
We will discuss the basis of spiritual awakening, psychological wellbeing, and healthy living. Students will learn how to fulfill their true purpose in life (their archetypal soul blueprint), develop genuine experiential self-understanding and beneficial constructive self-transformation, awaken the spiritual core or energy-power center of their being, heal emotional pain and inner conflict, and manifest the limitless abundance of their being.
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