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Andrea Beaman
Health & Wellness > Nutrition
Recorded: May 28, 2015 at 01:30 pm EDT
Having a hard time making it through the day because you are too tired? You could be suffering from adrenal fatigue. Whether you are healthy or not, anyone can experience adrenal fatigue at some point in their life. Nutrient deficiencies, inadequate rest, a life crisis or too many pressures, can all drain the adrenals of even the healthiest person. Our adrenals help us cope with everyday stress and survival and are involved in the recovery of chronic diseases, energy levels, and endurance. The quality of our health depends on the optimum functioning of our adrenals. Join me in a 1 hour class on how to best support optimum functioning of your adrenals. Plus we'll cover the best foods and herbs to help nourish your body on a deep level. You'll learn delicious recipes for optimizing adrenal health, plus herbal adaptogens to help you deal with stress more effectively. Mark your calendar for this exciting Lunch and Learn!
Your gut is the gateway to your body and your health. It is your inner tube for life. In this 2 part live and recorded webinar on May 20 and 27, learn how your gut works and what happens to your health when it is compromised. We'll teach you how and why this happens and what you can do to restore balance to your gut and your health. LEARN: How the digestive tract impacts your overall health. What happens when your gut gets out of balance (and how we know it). How bacteria, food and stress impact the gut - the good and the not so good.Basic strategies for your best digestive health. How to manage gut issues issues naturally COOK: How to make your own best natural digestive medicine!
Are you struggling to lose weight in spite of careful calories and lots of exercise? Research tells us that you might be looking in the wrong place and running down the wrong street. Join Mary Jo FIshburn, MD to learn how the hidden "I" - inflammation and insulin - may be influencing your weight challenges and strategies for regaining control. Learn what fires up inflammation and why it may be blocking weight loss. Listen is as Dr Fishburn discusses the insulin seesaw - and how it works against your weight. Then walk into the kitchen with Amanda Archibald, RD and watch as we translate science to the plate.
There are more ways to gain weight than you can imagine. Eating too much and lack of exercise are the most well known, while lack of sleep is largely underrated. Join Margaret Marshall, author of "Body, Mind, & Mouth" to address lifestyle issues, the everyday occurrences that happen when you are sleep-deprived: the many times when you think to yourself, "Why did I just do that?" The afternoon slumps you experience or the uncontrollable cravings to eat, especially sweets. Learn to get your energy from both sleep and food.
Hearing a lot about detox and cleanse? Fad, fiction, dangerous or relevant? This two part series will cut to the chase and provides you with answers and strategies your may be looking for. LEARN Detoxing and cleansing: the difference, the purpose and the benefits How to use food to re-set your metabolism and overall well-being The health benefits of a detox and when/how to detox versus cleanse How to prepare your body for a smooth and easy detox. KITCHEN D.I.Y Which foods naturally support detoxification and cleansing in your body Simple ways to incorporate them into a simple eating framework for cleansing or detox. Deep clean soups, grab-and-go salads, smoothies with a cleansing punch With Functional Nutrition Expert, Meryl Brandwein, RD and Culinary Nutrition Expert, Amanda Archibald, RD
Your body craves what it is accustomed to having. Are you challenged with sugar cravings? Join Margaret Marshall, author of "Body, Mind, & Mouth" to learn the top four sugary items that Americans consume, and the most common health disorders caused by processed sugar. Most importantly you'll learn why sugar cravings are so strong and how you can combat them. Margaret will share with you three winning tips for you to combat your sugar cravings.
Part of our "Eat Your Cure" Series! In this 1.5 hour webinar featuring Mary Jo Fishburn, MD, we'll examine how food and lifestyle choices can fuel your mind, but also create those cloudy days when you can't think clearly. Learn what causes the weather to change in our brain and which foods might be the culprit. Then learn how to make food and lifestyle choices that nourish your inner weather system for calm, fog-free, clear-thinking days. Webinar includes medical insights, nutrition direction, live culinary demo and recipes for your to try at home. Watch live or listen to a recording at your convenience.
Plant foods have the potential to protect us and prevent most diseases and weight problems. They have the power to heal us, rejuvenate us, energize us, and positively transform our wellness. Yet most people are eating too few plant foods daily, specifically the types and forms of plant foods that have these powerful effects. Join optimal health and nutrition expert Evita Ochel to learn how you can optimize your diet via the plant foods; which ones to eat, how, in what quantities, and why. You will walk away empowered to know how you can prevent and heal simple common ailments to serious chronic conditions, while optimizing your weight and wellness. You will learn the differences between various plant-based paths, including veganism and vegetarianism, and how to have plant foods work for your highest benefit, rather than harm.
Evita Ochel
Health & Wellness > Nutrition
Recorded: Jan 03, 2015 at 04:00 pm EDT
Start the new year off right by focusing on your wellness and creating the health, weight, energy levels and vitality that you desire. This new year, however, ditch the diets, calorie counting and deprivation and learn how to create a lifestyle that incorporates optimal nutrition and wellness. Join holistic health and nutrition expert, Evita Ochel, for an informative one-hour presentation to learn how to optimize your lifestyle to meet your health and weight goals. You will learn the key dietary habits that can transform your life, as well as the mental and emotional considerations for lasting change and wellness.
Join Fitness and Wellness Expert Lisa Torres as she shares her favorite nutrition tips and 10 suggestions to follow so you drop a size this holiday season instead of gaining one. The session will have a Q & A at the end.
Family events, office parties, and festive gatherings, visitors, visiting, and no time for yourself, defines the final six weeks of each year. Join Margaret Marshall as she empowers you with 8 simple techniques to enjoy all your holiday food and traditions with overdoing it, feeling stuffed and sluggish. You can and will feel festive, energized, and easily ready for all events, each week. Join us to learn how.
with Functional Nutrition Expert, Meryl Brandwein, RD and Culinary Nutrition Expert, Amanda Archibald, RD. At some point in life, most women experience the change." Usually we don't know it until we are in it! Hot flashes, moodiness, strange feelings of anxiety, even a ting of depression. And then there is a little weight gain and those mind-racing nights.What is going on and why does this happen to women? More importantly what can we do in our lives and our kitchens to find some balance? Join Culinary Nutrition Expert Amanda Archibald, RD and Functional Nutrition Expert, Meryl Brandwein RD for this 3-part on-demand webinar. We'll take a deep dive into the science and physiology behind this mid-life change. Then we'll examine the critical role of food and nutrition in easing you through this life phase. After that, we'll walk right into the kitchen and whip up some mid-life food support and nourishing soothers to make life just a little easier.
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