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Hear Dr. Heidi Hanna discuss her new book SHARP: Simple Strategies to Boost Your Brainpower. This 30-minute session will include a short discussion of key concepts from the book, the most important strategies for training your brain to be healthier, happier, and more effective, and an opportunity for live Q&A with participants.
This 30 minute session will help you determine a body weight range that is clinically ideal for you, based on your gender and height. It will also help you calculate your current BMI or Body Mass Index, which is useful for determining your present risk for health complications related to your current weight for height. Finally, some easy equations will be presented for determining a good starting point for estimating your energy needs, along with suggestions for safely adjusting intake amounts for safe weight loss or weight gain.
Debbie Milne
Health & Wellness > Nutrition
Recorded: Jan 12, 2012 at 07:00 pm EDT
This 30 minute session will introduce the significance of considering factors such as age, activity, race, and quality of consumed foods in determining the specific nutrients for the individual to supplement for optimal health, according to current evidence in literature.
Debbie Milne
Health & Wellness > Nutrition
Recorded: Jan 19, 2012 at 07:00 pm EDT
This 30 minute session will provide a basic educational session on the intestinal tract and it's essential impact on overall health. A specific focus will be given to the topic of probiotics, and how supplementation of probiotics can enhance health for many people, particularly for those with a poor diet or for those who have needed a run of antibiotics.
This thirty minute session will introduce the reader to the evidence and current recommendations that support the nutritional need for five or more servings of fruits and vegetables every day to promote overall health and reduce the risk of developing cancer.
Wellness is not just the absence of disease but a state of vitality that allows you to live life to the fullest, no matter what your age. The overwhelming focus of medical care comes after we become sick and little is spent on prevention, yet it is much easier to maintain your health than to regain it after you are sick. So, the time is here to prevent illness and create a health-enhancing system! Join me as I share my TOP TEN TIPS for Optimal Wellness in body, mind and spirit.
In this class, you will learn about the right food choices that can help reduce the risk of developing breast and most other cancers as well as overcome the disease after it has been diagnosed. Many teams of researchers have been investigating how food choices can help prevent cancer and survival once it has been diagnosed. Certain diet patterns seem to have a major effect in helping people diagnosed with cancer to live longer, healthier lives. Numerous studies have shown that a diet built from plant foods offers the most cancer-fighting protection of any diet plan. The research from the American Institute for Cancer Research shows that as much as 40% of cancer risk may be related to diet . The introductory class, Sonali translates scientific findings into simple, practical steps you can use in your own kitchen. This is your opportunity to acquire knowledge about the link between diet and cancer, experience the benefits of plant-based nutrition, and learn the practical cooking skills needed to help you on your journey to better health. In our class, attendees do all of this while enjoying a cooking demonstration of a healthy dish
Are you ready to turn up your glow power? Latham Thomas, wellness expert and founder of Mama Glow will guide you through a lecture focused on harnessing your inner GLOW! Ritual and self care practices are the portal for self renewal. Latham gives her powerful recommendations for a healthy diet and lifestyle for the ever changing female body, tips for stress management techniques that support optimal wellness and embracing life's transitions. Tune in to your inner-goddess and let her shine through. Mama Glow is about harnessing your creative edge, birthing yourself as a powerful woman, reclaiming your sacred gifts, and birthing your vision for the world. What ignites your glow?
Feeding our children healthy, nutritious and tasty foods can be a juggling act. Whether it's the taste, the smell or even the color, kids are pushing away from the table and opting for full-time snacking. In this class we'll be going over proper nutrition for children, how to sneak in those veggies and get your kids interacting in the kitchen. Knowing what your children should eat is only have the battle - let's teach them how to live a life of great health!
Dr. Heidi Hanna
Health & Wellness > Nutrition
Recorded: Sep 26, 2012 at 07:30 pm EDT
Could chocolate really be the answer to what ails us??? In this brief session Dr. Heidi Hanna will discuss the major research that seems to point us in that direction. Learn how chocolate can be your best healthy ally - nourishing body, mind, and spirit!
Leanne Hall
Health & Wellness > Nutrition
Recorded: Jan 19, 2013 at 03:00 pm EDT
Transform your health in the New Year and live the you AND the life you love. Leanne Hall, author of the Fresh Fruit Cleanse:, will share with you what you need to know to cleanse yourself to greater health and well-being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Tune into this special class for all the info you will need to make 2013 your best YOU and year yet.
This lecture will help you: - Answer a simple question: Are you eating and beauty habits addictive and toxic? - Learn the main reason for our skin and internal organs to lose their strength, elasticity and beauty - Find out the real, natural, fool-proof practices that keep me looking and feeling like a 25-year-old - See how to put this advice into actionable items to incorporate in your busy life
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