Best natural pain relief ever! Learn how to make your own pain cream for muscles, joints and arthritis pain. Don't miss this informative webinar!
Cinnamon essential oil smells so wonderful! And makes the best tea ever! This delightful essential oil has so many benefits, WOW!!! This is my favorite go to oil, for so many reasons! Join me, don't miss this one!
NEVER GIVE UP! Whether you are facing a challenge in your health, personal or professional life, keep seeking. There is a solution. It has been said that there are no problems without an answer. In this mini-class, I will talk about Pillars of Health and the 5 Keys that open doors to Health and Wellness.
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If you have children, pets, or bad orders to kill, then learn how to make Eucalyptus Essential Oil, your daily go to essential oil! This essential oil is a must have for daily household use! Don't miss all the benefits of using Eucalyptus Essential Oil!
There is nothing better then a tall glass of ice cold lemonade with a drop of lemon essential oil! Mmm good! Are you trying to lose weight? Then don't miss this webinar!
You do not "all of a sudden" get cancer or a degenerative disease. There is a progression. If you are aware of the stages, you can choose to stay in health, rather than "fight" your way back to health.
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I am often asked, "What is a naturopath? What do you do? In this mini-class, I hope to answer these questions as well as suggest when you should consult a medical doctor and when you could opt for a naturopath.
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Got stomach, indigestion or reflux problems? Then don't miss this webinar! Learn some of the ways you can use this powerful essential oil!
How many coffee's or cokes do you drink to make it through the day? Trying to kick the caffeine habit? Go natural! Learn how to use peppermint essential oil to put some pep in your step!
Why does lavender essential oil make us feel so relaxed? And can this oil be taken internally? These questions and more will be answered. Come, bring your questions and learn how to use the most popular essential oil on the market today!
Why is Frankincense called the KING of all essential oils? Throughout the Bible, Frankincense essential oil is mentioned many times. Most of us have heard of the three wise men bringing the baby Jesus gold, frankincense and myrrh. Maybe Frankincense is called the KING of all the essential oils because it can be used in place of any essential oil. And it was a gift to the KING of KINGS! Don't miss this exciting and informative live webinar on the KING of Essential Oils!
Are you thinking the 'unthinkable'? Do you have suicidal thoughts? Think about suicide often? Do you feel guilty about it? Are you hopeless? Do you feel helpless? There is help, and there are solutions. This class is addressed to people that have suicidal thoughts, people who feel hopeless, helpless and guilty about feeling this way. It is also addressed to people battling chronic fatigue, struggling with all kinds of chronic illnesses like fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, lupus, migraines, chronic pain, and so on. We will address the unconscious mind, change patterns and belief systems. The mind is the body and the body is the mind! Make sure you watch the 2 free introductory sessions before, in order to take full advantage of this class.
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