The CONFIDENCE CLUB is a private club. Members will meet weekly, on Wednesday nights at 10 pm. The annual fee is 25$ The CONFIDENCE CLUB was created to educate, support, encourage, modivate and assist our Lifewave members for their success both in patching and buliding their Lifewave Business. Testimonials will be shared and answers will be provided concerning the elearning training "7 step to success" of Members of the Club will be able to interact and communicate. Ethos is a primary principle among the members of this club.
The World Health Organization has declared stress to be the epidemic of the 21st Century. Because you are deeply and intimately wired to respond to sound, it is a stellar tool for stimulating health and wellbeing. This is a 4 webinar series of our Foundation course. Like so many things, you need to start with a strong foundation. And that is why this program was created. You will learn why sound is such an important tool to support your health; how specific categories of recorded music can provide support; sound tools that work in seconds and the most powerful sound tool that you already own.
Imagine this scenario. Your doctor says you need to lower your blood pressure and you feel that listening to some relaxing music would help. You walk into your favorite store or check online and you are immediately faced with hundreds of CDs and selections. Where do you start? Are they all alike? How do know what is suitable for you? How do they work? Every one of us is unique in our response to sound and music. Finding the right sound or music for you is a journey of discovery into how deeply you respond to music at all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Join me for a journey into how and why recorded music can help you relax, meditate, focus, be productive, and heal.
This webinar is all about the transformative power of singing crystal bowls. Learn how to use them to heal, dissolve emotional blocks, reduce pain, balance your chakras and so much more. Most importantly, experience how these amazing sound tools leave you with an unshakeable sense of peace.
The purpose of this Club is to update doctors & practitioners with the latest breakthrough practices of Patching, using the nanotechnology patches of LifeWave without having to attend to Conferences & meeting which is time consuming and very expensive practice. Classes meet the first Monday of the month at 10.30 p.m. The class opens at 10.00 pm In addition, the members of this club will share testimonials and receive assistance for difficult case studies. The spirit of excellent communication and ETHOS is a major principle of this Club that must be followed by all members for growth and prosperity.
In this class we will be looking at the archetypal symbolism of various energies common to us all. We will also be looking at the symbolic nature of weather and of the four seasons along with common dream themes.
Learn about Lifewave's business opportunity and marketing plan. It provides answers and knowlege for the success of your LifeWave Business. Meet every first Monday of the month from 9.00 - 10.00 pm The class opens at 8.30 pm Firsts meeting date, on Monday 9th March!!!! Communication daily through the facebook Secret Group "Success Academy" ask for your access through facebook: Aslanis Betty or communicate at
It's prevention. It's simple. It's practical magic! Reflexology allows us to "read" our body's organs through our feet, hands, and ears. Knowing how the organs are holding up to the demands placed on them is a very important element in preventive health. Mineral deposits in the feet and hands, tender areas, and swellings are signs that the corresponding organs are working hard. Applying pressure on these reflex areas breaks up mineral deposits and gets them back into the bloodstream for elimination from the body. Learn the many benefits of reflexology and some basic techniques to begin to heal on a whole new level.
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This second class is addressed to the same people who took the introductory class: people battling chronic fatigue, struggling with all kinds of chronic illnesses like fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, lupus, migraines, chronic pain and so on. In this class we are going to get deeper in the FasterEFT tapping system, and talk more in detail about the Healing Process. The introductory class (which is free) is required. We will address the unconscious mind, change patterns and belief systems. The mind is the body and the body is the mind! Disclaimer: FasterEFT is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any disease, physical or mental. The use of FasterEFT is specifically for addressing the underlying spiritual issues that may be causing stress. The information, instruction or advice given by FasterEFT is not intended to be a substitute for competent professional medical or psychological diagnosis and care.
Everything is in vibration. And every vibration can be measured as a frequency, including every particle of you! You are like a symphony with many different instruments singing all at once. Wellbeing is harmony. When you are ill or stressed, something is out of tune. Singing bowls bring everything back into tune, stimulating the natural healing response of your body. In this webinar you will learn: Where Tibetan bowls come from History of the bowls How the sound affects you: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually How the bowl is played How to choose a bowl How to use the bowl in your everyday life How to keep your bowl clean and clear
In this class we will be taking in depth looks at the History of Shamanism. What a Shaman is and does. The Shamanic World Tree and we will be doing a short drumming journey in relation to that. The Teachings of the Medicine Wheel will be covered as will Soul Loss, Illness and Dis-ease from the Shamanic perspective. There are several exercises set for this class for you to participate in and it will be interactive.
Most people believe that when you listen to a sound or a piece of music, you listen with your ears. The truth is, you listen with your entire being! Every sound you experience affects your entire being: Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual. I call this Listening from the Inside Out. This webinar is about becoming aware and mindful of the sound and music around you. It will be interactive to give you practice with how you respond to sound from all levels of your being!
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