How many times have you tried and failed to launch a permanent self-care program? The fault is not in you or in your stars. All you need is the RIGHT tools and the RIGHT incentives. You are guaranteed success! This class will introduce you to the 5 must-have components of your successful self-care program, and help you in putting your personalized plan together - something flexible enough to get you through "bad days" and powerful enough to generate serious change in your health and wellbeing. You CAN transform your life, no matter how many barriers you see on the road to self-care. You owe it your yourself - and your family and your business/career - to invest an hour in learning these 5 components, so transformative, they feel truly magical!
Are you feeling frustrated by life? Do you have feelings of anxiety and despair? Or are you ready to release the drama and trauma and learn to live life in peace and harmony. No matter how you are feeling right now, help is just a breath away. You have access to the most amazing healer in the universe; your soul. If you are ready to heal your life and return to the vibration of divine health, do yourself a favor and join me for this free webinar. Receive a healing for your soul. All healings are channeled through me by high vibrational beings who are in truth, teachers of soul healing and Akashic wisdom. We would be delighted to have you join us.
It looks like you have multiple goals, but you don't really. All of them - money, family, business- are about happiness that comes from getting What You Want. So first we will explore how to remove external barriers to happiness. Then we put power back into your hands. All these years, you thought that power to be happy was "out there." It's not. Sure, it makes sense to remove as much of the external barriers to happiness as possible (see Magic Ingredient and other classes that spend an hour on just that). But what do you do about the situations that just stubbornly refuse to change? Do you have to be unhappy because your mate doesn't materialize and wealth doesn't manifest? No simplistic "don't worry; be happy" jive here! This is the real road to taking back the power that you always had, Dorothy. You don't even need ruby slippers to wield THIS power. This is the infinite power within you. All you need to tap all that power is courage to confront what you have been doing to sabotage yourself, to prevent yourself from taking this power. Do you have the courage? On the other side of the river is a power no one can take away from you! Take back your power. Sign up today!
Join Maggie and share in the healing and wisdom she channels from pure vibrational beings. These master teachers are dedicated to helping you connect to your soul. Feel bathed within the light of God. Bring this vibration into your life and help lighten your mind, brighten your energy, and create visable healing benefits for your body. Update Nov 3rd - during this session the master teacher St Germain came through for a healing vibrational session. He shared a way to rebuild your physical body today with help from the strength and vibration of the Flame of Transmutation. While each session is unique, the format will be the same. The beginning of the session will allow time for questions. You may also request which master teacher you would like to hear from. The second half of the session is devoted to a channeled healing. This hour is family friendly. Sharing it with loved ones will help you establish clear boundaries and open up new lines of communication. Sessions will be recorded and available to you within 48 hours.
You are not just your body. You are a complex being of swirling energy fields trying to hold everything together. Chakras are like buttons that hold these lively energy fields and physical body together. They are wheels of life supporting your overall health and wellbeing. Knowing about the chakras and the life lessons at each level is extremely helpful in creating health and harmony in your life. Especially when illness happens. These life lessons are reflected in your physical body. In this webinar you will learn about the main life lessons that each chakra brings to you and some of the issues that are created when you do not quite get the lesson.
Join Ahtayaa for this powerful guided cosmic shamanic energy healing journey. During this healing activation we will thoroughly cleanse our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical energy bodies, recalibrating our entire multidimensional being to come into alignment with peace, harmony and balance.
Join Ahtayaa Leigh, founder of the Gold Ray Healing technique and the Energy Healing Practitioner Course for this special class about energy healing and what it means to be an energy healer during these transformational times of conscious awakening. MAKE SURE YOU STAY UNTIL THE END OF THE CLASS TO EXPERIENCE THE POWERFUL ENERGY ACTIVATION!
Join Ahtayaa for this powerful guided cosmic shamanic energy healing journey. During this healing activation we will thoroughly cleanse our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical energy bodies, recalibrating our entire multidimensional being to come into alignment with peace, harmony and balance.
Every month Ahtayaa Leigh leads a free group healing activation to anchor Golden Light into the Crystalline Grid. The aim of these healing sessions is to uplift all those who attend with peace, balance, harmony, beauty, creativity, compassion, love, forgiveness, strength and courage so that we may each channel these qualities into the world through our energy fields and through our lives. These Golden Ray activations are supported by the guardians of the Great Central Sun, introduced to Ahtayaa as the 12 Keepers of the Eye.
Connect with Archangels Raphael and Michael as you learn to channel Earth and Universal energies for self-healing. This energy healing technique can be built on to heal your life through the Chakra system, or by focusing your intention to heal in the physical body. This one-off session lays the foundations for the four-part Energy Healing course to follow this Fall. The techniques presented are based on Regina's book, A Personal Guide to Self-Healing, Cancer & Love. By practicing these self-healing tools we release energy and emotions that weigh on the physical and energy bodies, bringing us back to harmony.
Set aside 30 minutes to relax and participate in the Golden DNA Activation on this page for FREE so that you can experience the power of these activations from the Great Central Sun >>> During the LIVE Golden DNA Activation you will be empowered to let go of the root of all your fears and clear the space for your Holy Higher Self to enter, creating the abundant life you deserve! UPDATE: With the current energies we will be focusing in particular on embodying strength, courage and peace.
By the end of the live workshop you will know how to use the cosmic shamanic energy healing technique that channels the Golden Ray of Unity Consciousness. You'll be able use this technique for profound soul healing. You'll discover powerful techniques that initiate deep transformation, bypassing the egoistic mind to minimize inner confrontation, getting to the core of all fears and removing them from the roots. You will experience two guided journeys during the class, and so it is important that you are in a quiet place where you will be undisturbed. What we'll cover in the workshop: Why we are here Cosmic Shamanism and how it relates to us What is the Golden Ray How to journey to the Great Central Sun How to become a clear channel for the Golden Ray and more... The session will be recorded in case you miss the live class and so you can listen as many times as you wish. May peace be with you and love show you the way.
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