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Leigh Mallis guides and teaches her Wednesday class through the use of pranayama, movement and meditation. Kundalini strengthens the nervous system and boosts the immune system to handle stress in this unprecedented time. Bring your mat, blanket and an open mind to class. Leigh will be live streaming and answering questions at the end. If you can not tune in live you can watch the recorded version. Check the attached handout for the mantras use in class.
You hear a lot about the benefits of detoxing, but does it actually work? Learn the best way to support your body without going on a juice cleanse.
This class will take a fascinating look at how to activate the dormant healing powers in your own body. It will address the science of energy medicine and what you can do today to improve your health and well-being. We will explore all concepts of energy: light, sound, electromagnetism, body, mind and spirit. We will cover several specific methods that will assuredly be eye-opening for you!
Enjoy this brief 15-minute addendum to the Plant-based Me-Oh My! Class!
Lisa Boesen
Health & Wellness > Healthy Eating
Recorded: Mar 09, 2020 at 10:45 am EDT
Achieving a primarily plant-based lifestyle can be daunting. What might a plant-based lifestyle look like for YOU? Many people ask - What do I eat? How do I start? What if I fail? In this 45-minute session, participants will: - Describe the components recommended for a plant-based lifestyle - Evaluate support systems and strategies to be successful - Receive a comprehensive 44-page tool to take a two-week test drive with plant-based eating
Our bodies are the vehicles that carry us through the physical portion of our lives. They are amazing and resilient structures that have some wonderful--indeed, miraculous--capabilities that we sometimes take for granted. Although many of us refer to our bodies as "temples", sad to say, most of us don't really treat them with the reverence they deserve. As a result, it is not unusual for us to encounter physical challenges ranging from minor injuries to diseases to chronic or life-threatening conditions. While some of these conditions may have no cure, many of them can be reversed, and virtually all conditions can be treated in a way that brings relief. When we focus our loving attention on our bodies, we can reduce or eliminate suffering. For this episode of Life Mastery TV, I have invited an expert in stress and pain management to join me and share her powerful healing message. Elizabeth Kipp brings many years of experience in health facilitation, as wells as lots of wisdom that comes with that experience, and she'll be sharing all kinds of wonderful tips and ideas for improving overall health and "Reclaiming the Body Temple". In this episode, we'll be discussing the following, and a lot more: - Ancestral Clearing - Stillness and Meditation - Breath Power - Ending the Cycle of Suffering If you are looking for ways to reduce your own suffering and enjoy the rest of your life from a place of passion and joy, then I strongly encourage you to join us!
Insomnia affects people of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. For some, the difficulty lies in falling asleep, while others struggle with staying asleep throughout the night. Either way, both lead to low energy, mood swings, poor concentration and stress. This class will provide solid, proven advice on how to get a better night's sleep. You'll also get to hear about an extremely effective practice that you can start doing tonight!
Plant slant, plant-based, vegan and more. There are so many concepts - you may feel overwhelmed! Let's take the fear out! In this 45-minute session participants will: - Review the most popular plant-based theories - Listen to a personal story of transforming to a primarily plant-based eating plan - Receive valuable self-assessment questions to determine your readiness to make a change
This three session group class will cover techniques and methods to raise and build your resiliency. week 1 we will discuss flexible thinking. Week 2 is all about overload management and finally in week 3 we will discuss the method of storyboarding.
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Next to fruits and vegetables, legumes, including all beans, are the healthiest, most nutrient-dense, healing, protective, and weight-friendly foods. Sadly, statistics show that most people are not eating enough beans or including them regularly in their diet. An optimally healthy diet, however, needs to contain legumes on a daily basis. The challenge for many people, then, is how to eat those beans in easy, practical, and enjoyable ways. In this class, you will learn tips and ideas for how to prepare, cook, and use beans in your meals in a way that provides unlimited variety and satisfaction.
When we are stressed we are often caught in a continuous loop of action and reaction. When this happens we are giving away our energy and our power. In this class you will learn: 1. How to neutrally observe your reactive mind 2. Techniques for slowing down your thoughts and emotions 3. Choosing to respond versus react 4. Honoring yourself by managing your own energy and power
Ever wonder what is healthy or not at the grocery store? Learn how to read labels and discover what ingredients to avoid the next time you are grocery shopping.
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